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Plots, Plots, and More Plots

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Plots, Plots, and More Plots

Guest Writer

Hey! Liferocks here.

I know Whyville says, "We are getting new servers for more plots and blah blah blah," but I've been at Whyville since 2000 and I still haven't managed to get a plot. Part of the reason is that I can never get on, and the other reason is, all these people are snatching them, and Whyville isn't bothering to make anymore! I mean seriously, I've tried coming on at like 9 in the morning and going to the land office, but do I get anything, NO! All I'm asking is like two options.

Option A: Whyville opens plots every day, so its easy to get one.

Option B: Once Whyvillians have been on for like a month, they get a y-mail saying, "Would you like a plot? If so, please send a clam gram to ________ (Whyville would make someone to be in that blank) for ____________ clams." So basically, you'd pay for a plot after you'd been around long enough to show you liked being in Whyville.

Thanks for reading!


Note from City Hall: Hi Liferocks,

Indeed, we did originally promise to make more plots when we got the new server. However, we then wrote in the Times, asking if citizens preferred to get plots or have a prom -- because we don't have enough people and time to do both -- and the overwhelming response has been for a prom! I know that won't make everyone happy, but such is life under what democracy -- and economy -- we have.

City Hall



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