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The Diary of a Muddled Teen

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WAIT! Don't think I am going to bombard you with statistics, facts and single out those who don't accept or want to understand the meaning of being confused. The fact is we all have been there. But that's not the reason why I am writing this piece. I want people to see the perspective of life from a point some of you may not understand, or have been exposed to. The other population of people will enjoy the helpful advice I can provide you with.

Dear Diary: I Need Help With My Insecurity!

This highly annoying problem can tag along with a person daily, or only pay visits when you least expect it. Kind of like a relative that doesn't call before coming to your home, or like a pimple that shows up the night before picture day. A lot of us don't know where insecurity comes from nor do we know why it shows up at during the most unexpected times. You might be enjoying the day, laughing and having a good time, but suddenly you are hit with that pimple before picture day. There could be many reasons why this happened. I will be sharing from personal experience and observations. This means the reasons for your insecurity may differ from mine, depending on what type of person you are, hopefully you can relate.

Flaws and Imperfections

I am first going to address the insecurity due to appearance. When I have a flaw or imperfection on my face, such as a pimple or a scratch, I tend to shield myself from reality. I start to get that 'OMG is he/she staring at my face' feeling. First of all, of course the person is looking at your face, there is no other respectful, polite thing to do when talking to a person. Secondly, no matter male or female, use make up to cover up any imperfections on your face. I know, it's all about inner beauty right? But covering it up will help that insecure feeling melt away and make your day a whole lot better. If you are not familiar with blending, try getting some help from either a friend or the Internet. Another tip would be to clear your mind from it. Make sure you show that you are confident enough to have these minor flaws because frankly, no one is perfect. It's going to take some time to become confident enough to rock those imperfections but it's important to practice the art of loving yourself.

Appearance and Personality

For those who think your weight or your personal appearance makes you popular or well liked, you need to get a reality check. Your body is like a filter; every negative thing you take in will result in you being a negative person. No self-respecting human being would welcome "that negative person" into his or her life. It is when you are comfortable with yourself and your inner beauty, which will over take that insecurity and create that light that beams out of your soul. Appearances are like costumes during Halloween. They are put on for one day, but once Halloween is over, the costume comes off. Meaning, the appearance doesn't make the person, the personality does. My first tip is for those who don't know that they are battling this problem; this is just an exercise to test it out. Find a group of people you talk to usually, or even one other person you know. When you're talking, count all the times you say something negative about yourself or in general. Notice how the other people or person reacts to your negative statement. It is very awkward for a person to respond to what you say, even if they are politely disagreeing with you. Nonetheless, negative people subtract the amount of friends that surround them. What you need to do is say at least ten positive things about yourself from the moment you wake up. This will help start your day right and hopefully create a more positive you.

Final Advice

The last tip have to share is for those who feel inferior about other guys or girls who you feel are better looking and dress better than you. My advice to you is to not waste energy thinking about how other people look. What this does to you is it weakens the confidence in yourself. You're not going to spend the rest of your life comparing yourself to others are you? Try to open a newer you that is more confident in your own skin, and you will notice that light beaming out from your inner self. Remember that this won't happen overnight. You have to take small steps to eventually cross the barrier that holds you back.


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