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Lookin' Good All Around the Town

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Lookin' Good All Around the Town

Fashion Writer

Hey, I'm merchant and this is my first-ever article. I think. At least, it's the first I ever wrote. I decided to write about fashion since that's what I'm into. I think. *LOL*. Anyway, I have decided to venture around the town and bring you the latest fashions.

The Playground is probably where the most popular people are. Lately, the gothic look is in. Having eyeshadow UNDER your eyes rocks. I don't have any of this eyeshadow, but it looks way cool on other people. I think we should all give a round of applause to likamaid, who no doubt started this trend. This eyeshadow also makes your face look realistic. But, the trend is expensive. I asked Twinkle25 how much the shadow is, and she said 30 clams for one eye! I don't know about you, but that does NOT fit in my budget.

I headed to the disco to see the latest in flashy wear. It seems plain black tops are rocking! Noangels2 says that the tops look cool with a neck tie. Sounds great! A neck-tie-and-shirt combination runs at about 15 clams. Nice!

Whyville Square seems to be the newest hangout for our oldest citizens. Veterans can now be seen wearing overalls and straw hats. Strange, yeah, but it fits the part, I guess. No offense, vets. In fact, I'm a veteran, as in I joined January of 2001. Whoops, I promised myself no veteran-newbie talk.

Back to fashion! These styles are mostly expensive, running around 50 clams for some nice overalls. They look cool though!

The Pool Party. Ah, yes! Home of summer-like fashions all year round. Of course, nothing too revealing, but tube tops are the style for girls, and short-sleeved polos for guys. Everyone looks good here! Except for the girl wearing the winter hat. Hmm, maybe I should tell her what season it is! Wake-up call, major! Hehe.

Ever since SamGirl21's article, WASA is SO the place to be. Here you can catch a great range of techgear. Even robotic helmets. I hear these are really expensive though. Like, as in running at about 80 clams per dig. Guess I'm not going techno this season!

Well, I'm done, and I hope you learned about what's in at all the different places of Whyville. Remember, don't wear disco gear to Whyville Square. Or country clothes in the Pool Party. Not unless you wanna get caught by the Why-Fashion Police...

I'm out.



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