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Gainful Games Part One: Olympic Events and Planworks Barons

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Whether you're using Planeworks CAD (computer-aided drafting) for the Olympic events or you're using Baron Von Builder's Assemblage to build plane parts or assemble a plane for a government contract, there is certainly a hefty prize.


50 clams every ten minutes with just the click of a mouse. Impossible? Olympic Events proves otherwise. Overall, Olympic Events is quite an easy game with clams to spare. The hardest part being creating the plane itself. To get a higher level success with your planes, you should manipulate factors such as the type of plane, the materials, fuel capacity, passenger capacity, and number of engines. As you explore these factors, it will become a lot easier to be the top plane in the Olympic races and get clams after clams. Not to mention the fact that few people bother with this high-paying game, making it all the easier to win races.

Planeworks Barons

Regardless of whether you want to design plane parts (Vendor),or assemble plane parts for contracts (Builder), or maybe even do both like me, there is a fair share of clams for each section. The best way to prepare for both of this is with experience in Olympic Events. The more you know about which plane parts are better for a certain race, the easier it will be to design or put together parts. There are certain things to keep in mind when designing or assembling:

- You cannot combine parts from different versions of planes.
- If you need more than one engine on each plane, you have to either double, triple, etc the amount of engines in your car.
- It will not allow you to buy the plane parts if you have parts from different types of planes in your cart.
- There aren't many vendors left who still make parts so it'd be better to make your own parts and use them.
- If you decide to use ones already in there, the broader you search, the more you'll find.
- Plane parts expire after two weeks, so you must refresh them if you want to continue having them.
- You can only select a government contract once you have all the parts necessary for that contract in your cart.

I hope to have inspired new vendors or builders. And if you ever are in need of plane parts, you have a devoted vendor right here


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