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Aria's Song: Part 1

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Aria's room was dark, and dingy; she never wanted her room to be girly and bright like her sister's. Her room had pitch black painted walls, accompanied by heavy blanketed curtains covering the windows. Her bed was a mess of pillows, sheets, and blankets; which you could also guess were black. Her walls were lined with bookcases, each one filled with books. Books were her own escape, something she loved. She had a hamster cage in the back corner of her room; she never had the heart to throw it away when her hamster passed away last summer. Next to her hamster cage was the only piece of lighting in the room; a black and white lava lamp. The goo swayed up and down, it soothed her; which was the only reason why she had it in her room. She hated light and bright colors. She was never sure if it was just because she wasn't girly enough, or because she crazily hoped she was half vampire like she read so many times in fictional novels.

The alarm-clock sputtered out some rock music, and Aria arose from her messy bed. She slammed her hand on the clock, and got to her feet. She cursed under her breath, she hated school and everyone in it; but at the same time she wanted a future for herself. She looked at her bed, and shrugged. She had no intention of making it. She switched on her lava lamp so that she'd have some light, and wandered over to her closet. Surprisingly, her closet had little to no black clothing in it. Her mother wouldn't let her walk around in it; she wanted her to look somewhat like a girl. Her mother was a lawyer, and her father a doctor. They weren't exactly a poor family; they had a huge house and a car ready for every child when they reached the age to drive. Aria guessed that her room was probably the disappointment in the house, since she wouldn't let her mom decorate. She slipped on a blue tank and a black and white stripped cardigan, with a pair of white skinny jeans and a pair of black vans. She smiled at herself in the mirror with confidence. Aria had plenty of confidence, even if her room didn't reflect it.

"Aria!" Her little sister barged into the room. Her sister sniffed and looked around with a look of distaste on her face.

"Ew, it smells in here Aria," she said. Aria looked her way with a deadly look on her face, and pointed her sister out.

"Saffy, get out," she said bluntly. Of course Aria loved her sister Saphora, but she couldn't stand when people came into her room unannounced. Saffy stuck her tongue out at Aria, turned to leave the room and slammed the door behind her. Aria rolled her eyes, and exited her room.

Instantly, she was blinded by the sun coming through all of the windows. She squinted, and brushed the crusties out of her eyes. She walked downstairs to see her family sitting at the dining room table, awaiting her. They always sat together for every meal, Aria found it pointless. Her other sibling, Ethan, patted the chair next to him and she sat. She could smell the ham her mother was cooking, and she could hear the fat sizzling in the pan. She cringed, for she was a vegetarian and would not eat the filth her mother prepared for them.

"Good morning Aria honey! Are you wide awake and ready to take on the day? Let me answer that for you," her mother yelled. Her mother placed a piece of ham on each of their plates, along with some eggs and orange juice. Aria pretended to look interested in the big hunk of meat, but instead ate her eggs and drank down her juice. When her mother wasn't looking, she scraped the meat onto the floor where their family dog, Zephyr, was waiting for scraps to fall on the floor. He looked at her with surprise and graciousness before devouring it. Her mother didn?t seem to notice. After breakfast, Aria rose from the table and went to the living room where her backpack was waiting for her. She grabbed her bag, and her keys, and went out the front door.


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