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How Bullies Can Hurt

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You are probably wondering who I am. Well, I am a nobody. Everyone used to walk all over me and I let them. I was a bully target who had no life. I couldn't stand going to school. I was bullied physically, mentally, and online. I became depressed. However, I never told anyone so nobody could help me.

I was never able to raise my hand. I was called many mean terms that hurt like freak, nerd, and the stupid shy girl. I was shy, but I was not any of the others. Last year, I was the person who was out of school sick or injured the most. Many days, I just wanted to die like many have said. Many people hated me.

I hated school because of all this. You could see it by my grades. Every day I was yelled at for not knowing the answer. I was failing most of my classes except for music. My teacher for music was kind and understood what I was going through. She was the only teacher who encouraged me to keep going. If it was not for her, I would probably be dead right now. She showed me truth about life and told me don't ever give in to bullies. She also was able to get me out of the shy bubble by giving me a solo in my school concert.

Every day I wish I knew where she was so I could thank her. I may have lost friends, but my heart is still here with all my memories. Even though I have moved far away, I still get bullied online. Now, I just delete them. I have lost most of my feelings. The only thing that keeps me going is hearing my old music teacher's voice saying never give up. If you can do a solo for a crowded room, you can do anything, even survive multiple bullies.

I am now becoming happier. Sometimes, I go become depressed, but not as often. I can now say that I am mostly better. I am now debating if I should ask my crush out even though he is one of my closest friends and I am a little nervous he would say no. People now can see the real me, with my hand up high answering a lot. In a new school, I am happier, healthier, and smarter.

  Author's Note: Sorry this is so short. I have been busy. Either way, hope you enjoyed this.


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