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All Along

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I know. You've heard it before. But what you heard before wasn't enough.

You used to be that smiling, bubbly girl bouncing around the school. I could never forget that personality of yours. It was a rainbow, gentle and kind. Sometimes you'd slip up and let the darker sides show. You'd make a mistake or two. You thought you were horrible, some kind of evil soul. You just didn't know that you were beautiful.

You just let go one day. It was like you gave up. You surrendered and gave into the pressure. You gave into some form of false beauty.

Didn't you know that you were already beautiful? You didn't have to change your entire self just so you would feel better. Maybe you did gain some more confidence. But you weren't the real you.

They messed with your head and took you away from me. I ended up becoming a memory of your past. I should have let you known then.

I fought for you. I really did. I tried to get you back everyday. I couldn't be my own self without you.

But I guess it didn't matter to you. You were beautiful before. You're a monster now. And it seems to be too late to turn it around.

I fell apart on the inside. I didn't realize how quickly I could lose something so important. I thought if I ever did lose you, I'd get you right back.

You were beautiful all along. I promise. I lost you somewhere in the struggle of your dream of being beautiful. You didn't know that that dream of yours was reality.


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