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Whyville's 13!

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Bring out the trumpets! Bring out the confetti! Bring out the balloons and cake! This year and month, March 2012, marks the 13th anniversary of Whyville! If you do the math, Whyville started in March 1999.

To celebrate Whyville as a teenager, the City Workers hosted a celebration, which ran from 3pm-7pm Whytime in Sportplatz. Also, they are starting to ship out Why-Tops to real-life stores. The Why-Tops as well, will mark the 13th anniversary of Whyville.

As far as the party goes, City Hall said, "This year's contest will be a combined BC and Musical Chairs competition. The top 5 scorers during the party will get real-world Whyville t-shirts." Many people attended the celebration of Whyville's 13 years of being around. City Hall also rejoiced, "Happy Birthday, Whyville, and thanks to all our citizens who make this such a great place!"

During the celebration, many City Workers came. Keine, Jen, Tesract, Akbar, and I even heard SuperId came! Everyone mingled with their friends, meet new people, and socialized with City Workers.

During the party, they had many rounds of Musical Chairs playing. If you won, you got points added onto your voting score, increasing your chance of winning a Whyville Tee.

Also, there was a room called the Stage Room, I believe. Whyvillian citizens went to see what the score was on the scoreboard, as well as trying to get votes. At certain points, the room was very packed with people shouting, "VOTE SO-AND-SO!" that many people gave up and went to the party.

I hope many people had a chance to go to the party, and if you didn't, here's the chance to get a glimpse of what went on. Whyville, you are now 13. It's been a great 13 years, and let there be more years to come! HUZZAH! GO WHYVILLE!

Author's Note: I circled the City Workers in red, to show you where they were.


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