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Makeup Science: Mascara

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Millions of girls around the world wear mascara. Unfortunately, they do not understand the dangers behind the "beautifying" product. The question I am going to analyze this week is: Can mascara harm your eyes/eyelashes?

Can mascara affect your eyes and eyelashes?

To start with, if you wear mascara incorrectly or try to apply it incorrectly, you can harm your eyes. If you put layers upon layers of mascara on your eyes, the mascara can get into your eyes. Chemicals technically shouldn't be getting in your eyes. If you try to apply the mascara on incorrectly, you can scratch the cornea and the entire eye itself. The eyes are a vital thing for vision, so you do not want to ruin the pair you have! Scratching it a lot and deeply can blind you or affect your vision.

Secondly, the mascara is tedious on the eyelashes, causing it to become brittle and weak. Just taking off the mascara is tough, but imagine how tedious it is on your eyelashes! When you're wearing the mascara, it dries out and takes the nutrients out of the eyelashes, causing it to be brittle.

Is there a way to re-nourish the eyelashes?

There are a few things you can do to re-new your eyelashes' beauty. A thing you can do is buy a brand called Ecrinal Eyelash Strengther. Researching this brand, it has seemed that many people have been pleased with this product. They excitedly said their eyelashes are in great condition, and they could definitely tell the difference! Using Vaseline while removing the mascara at night may help nourish your eyelashes.

Is there a way to prevent eyelash damage?

A few steps, and you'll be back on track! First of all, you should always wash off your mascara at night. Use a gentle makeup remover or use olive oil and water to remove non-waterproof mascara. Second of all, replacing your mascara on a daily basis such as 3-4 months is necessary! Bacteria and dust builds up in the mascara, so it's vital to change it. Finally, stop rubbing your eyes! Rubbing your eyes will affect the whole area of the eye. It is very sensitive to the rubbing, so please be gentle. Also, if you want to be cautious, there are a few great brands: Almay's One Coat Lengthening Mascara, One Coat Nourishing Mascara Triple Effect, and High Impact Mascara by Clinique.

Mascara can be a great enhancer for your eyes, and make your lashes look beautiful! But you must always be careful when using makeup on yourself. That is why I wanted to create this series, "Makeup Science", to make you aware. Now that's all for this time! See ya next time on, "Makeup Science"!

Author's Note: Sources: www.beautypedia.com


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