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The Newbies of Whyville

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A lot of Newbies on Whyville have been treated badly in my opinion. Some people are rude forgetting that THEY were once a Newbie too! I have interviewed a few people on their thoughts of Newbies getting bullied.

DollsRule: How do you treat Newbies?

Mariet97: I treat them kindly since I was a Newb once and I know how it feels.
Yumnaaa: Well, I don't go into chat rooms often. When Newbies talk to me, I do just simply say "hi" and have a normal conversation with them. In my opinion, they're people too.

DollsRule: How have you seen others treat Newbies?

Mariet97: I have seen others treat them rudely.
Yumnaaa: I've seen people have countless arguments with Newbies. They're bullied and made fun of, from my point of view. I too, was made fun of when I was new, and I know that I really disliked it.

DollsRule: Do you think they should be treated that way?

Mariet97: No, I think they should be treated kindly!
Yumnaaa: No, they shouldn't. They're people too, like everyone else. And every person on Whyville was a Newbie at some point, so they shouldn't be bullied like this. It's cruel.

DollsRule: If everyone was mean to Newbies, how would it affect Whyville?

Mariet97: Nobody would want to come on Whyville.
Yumnaaa: If everyone was mean to Newbies, then I have no idea how it would affect Whyville. Like I said, everyone was a Newbie at some point. I think Whyville wouldn't be as fun as it is now. Everyone gets out of that Newbie phase at some point, and I guess that Newbie phase would be much worse for everyone if everyone was mean to them. They wouldn't have any friends . . . Whyville just wouldn't be fun.

DollsRule: If everyone was nice to Newbies, how would it affect Whyville?

Mariet97: Whyville would prosper and everyone would be happier.
Yumnaaa: If everyone was nice to Newbies, I think Whyville would be a better place. Newbies would have more friends, I think. I think everyone should be nice to Newbies anyway, even though I think nothing can stop that bullying towards Newbies.

Here is a last note from Yumnaaa: Well, I think Newbies are normal people. I've been a Newbie, you've been a Newbie, and everyone has been a Newbie. Newbies are people who you can befriend and talk to. I think Newbies can sometimes be even BETTER than the normal people that I know.

Well, that is pretty much all I got to say! I think that we should become a better community. It doesn't matter how long we have been on! We all have been bullied on Whyville! I think the bulling mainly happens in the South Beach since that's the most popular place. Whyville used to be a great community, but since the years have passed, who knows anymore. If people in Whyville don't accept other Whyvillans, how is Whyville supposed to continue being the great website that it is (besides the bulling)? And if we don't change our community no one new will want to join; let's just face it, Newbies ARE Whyville's future!


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