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Behind the Eyes of a Designer

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A huge part of Whyville is the look of one's avatar. Citizens buy parts from Akbar's Face Mall everyday just to make their avatar the best it can be. Thousands of clams will be spent on just a single part. But where do these parts come from? They come from the designers, of course!

I have interviewed many designers on Whyville, including SalsaDoll, UoChan, Specialty, and more.

Yumnaaa: What is your opinion on remaking?

SalsaDoll: It's a form of plagiarism. I am fully aware that Whyville has rights to any form of writing or designing we do on this website, but another citizen coming along and stealing a design is not fair. If we attempted that with a Times article, we would clearly be punished. I don't understand why remakers aren't being punished. It's not right. See, this is what gets me. There are a few people who sign their signatures on their designs. I am one of them. Remakers continue signing OUR names on the parts . . . and I view that as a form of forgery. I have no respect whatsoever for remakers, as it is clear that they are only in it for the profit.
SpeciaIty: I don't like it. It is taking someone else's creativity and using it for money.
MeKissYou: I really have a 50/50 view. I hate all remakes, but I also hate everyone freaking out about it when there's nothing wrong with it. Just get over the virtual website drama already. I don't freak out, I just joke around.

Yumnaaa: Have any of your parts been remade? What was your reaction?

SalsaDoll: Yep. I speak up against it, but I guess my voice is overlooked by those in authority. My reaction now? I'll just be one less person contributing to the New Arrivals. Not wasting my time and efforts on something that will be stolen from me in a matter of hours.
HotTrent1: No and I don't want any of my parts to be remade, whether they are good or bad.
Michaeldd: Not that I know of but I sure can say a part is a part so I don't really care if it's a remake or not.

Yumnaaa: Where do you get the ideas for your designs?

HotTrent1: Well, my most recent and popular designs were from The Hunger Games series. They are rare and go for a good bit of clams. Other parts I do for contests or from other books.
SpeciaIty: I get asked to make stuff. I also make things that other would wear.
UoChan: Usually, they're from the top of my head. Sometimes, I get inspiration by looking up images on Google. I also take requests or recommendations from friends.

Yumnaaa: How long does it usually take for you to create a part?

SalsaDoll: 10-25 Minutes.
SpeciaIty: It takes about 30 minutes-2 hours depending on what I'm making.
UoChan: It varies because sometimes I have designer's block or I have a really good day. I never actually timed myself. I get lost in a trace when I'm designing.
Michaeldd: It takes me less than an hour or more depending on the part.
HotTrent1: Since I don't go on the computer much (I usually go on my Kindle), it takes a few days.
MeKissYou: Takes me 30-60 minutes on average.

Yumnaaa: Why did you start designing?

SalsaDoll: I like art.
SpeciaIty: I started designing because I wanted to see if I could be good at it and that if I was good enough if I could make clams off of it.
HotTrent1: I started designing because I thought it was cool and I wanted to get better and better at it.

Yumnaaa: How good would you say you were when you first started designing?

UoChan: I wasn't too bad because I started making simple things first.
HotTrent1: Horrible, but not everyone was as good as they are now when they first started.
Michaeldd: Well when I first started designing I was 7 so I would say I was bad.

As you can see, many designers didn't start out too good when they first started designing. So for those who are struggling with it now, just think, someday you'll be as great as these wonderful designers. As the old saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." I believe that everyone on Whyville may have the potential of becoming a decent designer. All it takes is practice and patience.

I would like to thank SalsaDoll, SpeciaIty, MeKissYou, UoChan, HotTrent1, and michaeldd for taking the time to do my interview.


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