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When you were young, did your parents ever tell you that you could become anything as long as you set your mind to it? I know I've heard that phrase before, but I often wondered what I've wanted to become, so as a quest to find the answer, I did an interview with Vancyon, tEXasgalO, and bibi4evr regarding what they'd like to achieve or become in the near future.

thinmin12: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Vancyon: Hmm, that's a tough one, even though I go to university next year. I'm currently enrolled in environmental science, though. So something in that field.
bibi4evr: I want to be a pediatrician that specializes in the lungs.
tEXasgalO: I either would like to be a Special Agent in the B.A.U or an Author/Illustrator of my own books. Leaning more towards author.

thinmin12: Why did you chose that job?

Vancyon: I chose this field because I am very passionate about the environment. Ever since I was little I have been 'that person' who preaches people about littering and wasting things.
bibi4evr: I've always wanted to work with children and help them stay healthy. However, I realized I wanted to specialize in the lungs specifically after my little sister died from a chronic lung disease, and want to do everything that I possibly can to help those going through similar things.
tEXasgalO: Well, I've always liked reading, doodling, watching crime shows,and figuring out mysteries. Plus I like going to my own world where anything is possible, and I think it would be great to share it with other people.

thinmin12: If you can't do that job, what's your back-up?

Vancyon: Well, I'm considering going into International Relations. Or Conquering the world.
bibi4evr: I'm not to sure on what I would have as a back-up, but it'd definitely still be something related to the medical field.
tEXasgalO: I would fall on one or the other, a B.A.U Special Agent, or an author/illustrator.

thinmin12: What education level do you need for that job?

Vancyon: You'd need at least an undergraduate education for sure.
bibi4evr: You'd need a college degree, of course lol. As well as graduating from medical school and have two years of residency as well.
tEXasgalO: I'd say pretty high for both. You need to be very smart when dealing with a crime investigation because one wrong move and you could cost a person their life.

thinmin12: Will there be stress in the job?

Vancyon: Not as much stress as, say, a lawyer, but I'm sure there would be times when I'd be stressed, yes.
bibi4evr: Yes, there would.
tEXasgalO: Yes. Lots of it if I choose to be a special agent, and just some if I choose to be an author.

thinmin12: Is there an inspiration for this job?

Vancyon: So many. My father, Elizabeth May, David Myles, and a national park I always used to go to every summer are the big ones, though.
bibi4evr: The inspiration was what I discussed in question 2.
tEXasgalO: Well, I am inspired by writers such as Suzanne Collins, J.K Rowling, Christopher Paolini, and many more. I also have a firm belief in everyone deserves justice and that if something is not fair it's someones job to make it fair. I guess I want to be that person, and help people.

Well, what I say is good luck to you and your careers! These are excellent, and I believe, with enough school and encouragement, you can achieve it! If you set it as a goal, it will be reached!

Yours 'till the flag waves!


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