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Big Odds, Big Dreams

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Big Odds, Big Dreams

Guest Writer

Hello Fellow Whyvillians,

This is Candy, with her first article (hooray for me, LoL).

Okay, so I have been getting into the Waiting Room a little too often if you ask me, and I was sick of it. I was begging my dad for a Why-Pass, but he said it costs too much (his opinion, not mine!). So I was trying to save up money to buy one myself when my dad said I couldn't. Even though it was my money, I wasn't allowed to! =***(

I was checking my email recently, and I saw that I had gotten an email from the wonderful city management about winning a Why-Pass. You could probably imagine how excited I was! I started right away. The way you could win a Why-Pass was if you sent in a poster with the theme "What Whyville Means To Me" or something along the lines of that.

As I sent my submission in with a wonderfully sweet note, I kept thinking about how many people were going to send their artwork in. I couldn't even imagine. Out of the more than and still counting 200,000 Whyvillians, ONE person was gonna win. I mean, the odds are 1 out of more than 200,000! I hope no one is discouraged. I am not. I still sent my artwork in, knowing that if I win, my artwork has been very good because I have been the one picked out of SO many people!!

I think the winner should feel very special. Not only have they won a Why-Pass, but they have also won self-confidence AND helped Whyville. The whole idea of this article is to cheer those people who sent in their entries! And if you win, guess what? Perfect Timing! It's JUST in time for the PROM!

Since this is my first article, I don't think it will get accepted. I don't know, if you are reading this in the paper, well, no duh, it DID get accepted. Ok, I'm kind of confused here, so I think I should just log off...

This is Candy signing off... *click*



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