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Makeup Science: Hairspray

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I bet everyone has seen the Broadway or movie version of "Hairspray" at some point in their lives . . . right? Well, that's not what I am going to be talking about today. I am going to be talking about the different type of hairspray this week, the one you put on your hair! Yaaay! Anyways, I am going to be discussing on a hair product, hairspray! The question I am going to be answering is: "Does hairspray damage your hair?"

First of all, yes it can. There are different types of alcohol in the hairspray, and it can be severely damaging because it dries out your hair. Your hair would then turn brittle, unhealthy, and have no healthy shine to it. Also, spraying hairspray in your hair constantly causes a buildup. It causes layers of stiff gunk in your hair, then causing white flakes to fall onto your hair and clothes. It's not dandruff, but it is not necessarily pleasing to have.

How can I prevent hairspray from damaging my hair?

Use moisturizer! Moisturizer will keep your hair healthy while using the spray. Also, do not spray near the scalp. Have the hairspray be sprayed where you need it; use the hairspray with caution. Don't be going around spraying it on so your hair is a brick!

Is there a hairspray that doesn't damage my hair?

Unfortunately, I could not find many hairspray brands that are guaranteed to protect your hair. But after much research, I found one brand that was rated 4 out of 5 stars. The hairspray is called "TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray". The consumers who have used this said "it didn't leave a powdery finish as other hairsprays," and that "the hairspray did not dry the hair out like other brands".

Does hairspray that I use come off completely?

As said before, it can create layers. So when taking a shower, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly, then conditioning your hair. But as I said before, please use hairspray with caution.

What are some other dangers of hairspray?

Some other dangers of hairspray are the following: it can cause eye irritation/damage, causes lung irritation, and is highly flammable. To start with, eye irritation/damage. The hairspray product is most likely to get in the consumer's eyes when they spray it. It ends up irritating their eyes, which can easily be rinsed out. But if enough gets in their eyes, it can lead to permanent damage. That is why it is important to close your eyes while spraying the hairspray. Secondly, lung irritation. I am going to focus on the long-term damage hairspray may cause. If the hairspray is inhaled while spraying it on your hair, over time it can cause fibrosing alveolitis. It is a lung condition where the organ's walls become thick, which in extreme rare cases lead to respiratory problems and then death. It is important to hold your breath while spraying it on! Finally, the hairspray is flammable. That basically speaks for itself. Do not have the can of hairspray near heat or fire, because it can cause a dangerous explosion.

Hairspray is one of the most beloved sources for hair uses. People do not understand the dangers that may be caused because of this, so this is why I brought up this question this week. Thank you for reading, and see ya next time on "Makeup Science".

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