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Don't Deserve It

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It must just be pure luck
That brought me here today
Because I've never done
Anything special or worth
Being remembered for

Yet they all know my name
But I'd like to know
What did I ever do
To make a change
The world's just the same
As the day I was born

What did I ever do
To deserve to be so blessed
Why am I the one to
Have food on my table
When there's starving kids in Africa
Why can't I be one of them
We're all equal anyway
So why am I over here

How come I ended up
Showered in love
When there's orphans out there
Praying for the best
How come I'm the one
Feeling sorry for them
They should be here
Not me

I don't deserve to be
Taken care of
And loved
I'm selfish
I'm guilty
Ashamed of the past

They keep telling me
To move forward
Lay it all behind
But how can I forget
About something
I regret so much

I'll never forget my roots
I'll know just where I'm from
I just want to know
How I ended up here
I'm just like you
We're all the same
I don't deserve it all
I don't deserve love
When I've done nothing
To be loved for


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