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In My Dreams: Preview

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His large fingers flew across the keys, creating a tune that softened the mood and brought some company into the dimly-lit room, with only him and I occupying it. I watched him enviously, wishing that I could be half that talented. But if I even tried to play the piano, my untrained fingers made me feel stupid and the music came out slow, and lame. Even when Lennil offered to teach me, I was too embarrassed to accept the offer. I guess I am that kind of girl. Too afraid of embarrassment to try something new. The only talent I had was my speed-reading which wasn't nice, and couldn't hold a candle up to this talent. Lennil could create a setting of peace, anger, love, or betrayal. Just by using his fingers. And what could I do? Speed-read someone to tears?

"Do you like it?" He stopped suddenly, turning to face me. His big, gray eyes were just added to his incredible talent. Everything about him was perfect - and everything about me was not.

"Love it," I smiled.

"I wrote it for you," he admitted, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. How could someone like him like someone like me? But I never told him he was too good for me. Wasn't that the guy's job?

"It's beautiful," I told him.

"Thanks," he said, looking back down at the keys. His fingers flew across the keys once again, looking like they were floating. I looked around at the room we were in. It looked like a castle in here, dark but beautiful. The curtains were a deep purple color, the walls cracked and gray. The black grand piano in the middle of the room was the only furniture besides the marble bench we were seated at. I leaned on Lennil's shoulder and watched him play. It was night outside, the sky weaved with stars and a crescent moon that shined across the kingdom. I wondered why there would be a kingdom in Massachusetts but I was too busy drifting off into sleep. But then my head snapped up, my eyes widening. I felt sick to my stomach as I jumped off the bench. "What's wrong?" Lennil faced me, his gray eyes sparkling.

"I'm dreaming!" I yelled, feeling everything start to slip away. No. This couldn't be happening now. Why did this always happen?

"What're you talking about?" He eyed me.

"You aren't real!" I yelled, holding his shoulders. He looked even more confused.

"Yes I am." I wished so badly that I could believe him, but I knew otherwise. he wasn't real - this palace wasn't real. The only reality was the crushed feeling I was experiencing.

"In a minute, I'll wake up and you'll be gone," I sighed, feeling my cheeks for the tears that I knew would come.

"Then kiss me before I have to leave," Lennil quickly got up. I didn't even care that I had never kissed a boy before - this was a dream. I just kissed him as best as I could, faintly hearing the song 'Halo' by Beyonce starting to play in the background. Dreams could be so weird sometimes. I continued to kiss Lennil, feeling my inside melt and my cheeks burning brightly. I wished that moment could last forever, but I quickly felt the feeling of me twirling starting up - just like every other night. Lennil slipped away and I was alone, swirling and swirling until I wasn't.


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