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Whyville Poetry

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Whyville Poetry

Whyville Poet
Whyville is the best site,
There's nothing about to fight,
When you are alone,
And there's nobody home,
Go on Whyville and talk to your friends.
Whyville's the best and it never will end,
If you quit because you're old,
Whyville's in your heart where it will be hold.
People quit and people forget,
I'll be back on sooner or later I bet,
This is my poem,
Part of the end,
I shall go now,
Have a good weekend.


Whyville Poet
A town on the internet is tough to believe,
Whyville's a town that is hard to leave!

You can make a face however you wish,
You can buy a nose, some eyes or a fish!

You can make so many friends who help you out,
When you are in need or when you're in doubt...

You can make a store with pretty face parts,
There is so much more, this is only the start!

You can sign petitions for no reason at all,
You can make a house that's big or small...

You can Why-mail your friends and plan some parties,
And a few of the games are for all those smarties.

You can drop by the Sportplatz and play ballgames,
By throwing projectiles (if you have good aim),

Frisbee, football, soccer and more,
Many others at the projectile store...

Build a house and get a plot,
Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's hot!

There is much much more, but I must be gone,
I have to clean the house and mow the lawn...

So, all you dudes and all you dudettes,
I must tell you Whyville's the best!



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