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We all have our differing approaches, or ways, of learning. These ways are also known as learning styles. It's good to know your learning style so that you have the ability to manipulate your surrounding in order to better your learning.

There are three main learning styles, and seven intelligences (more specific type of learning strategies which will be discussed in another article). These three learning styles are: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Below I put up a simple version of a quiz I found online for the actual, lengthy inventory I took.

1. When operating new equipment I:

a. Read the manual
b. Listen to an explanation from an experienced user
c. Figure it out while trying to use it

2. When I need directions for traveling, I:

a. Look at a map
b. Get spoken directions
c. Follow my nose and use a compass

3. If I am teaching someone, I:

a. Write instructions
b. Use a verbal explanation
c. Demonstrate

4. My first memory is of:

a. Looking at something
b. Being spoken to
c. Doing something

5. I first notice how people:

a. Look and dress
b. Sound and speak
c. Stand and Move

6. It's easier to remember:

a. Faces
b. Names
c. Things people have done

7. If I'm angry, I:

a. Keep replaying what caused the anger
b. Raise voice and tell others how I feel
c. Physically demonstrate anger

8. I remember things best by:

a. Writing it down
b. Saying them aloud
c Imagining me doing it/having it done

9. I mainly use the phrase:

a. I see how you feel
b. I hear what you're saying
c. I know how you feel

10. When I meet an old friend, I:

a. Say, "It's great to see you"
b. Sat, "Great to hear from you"
c. Give a hug/handshake

I'm refraining from putting what answers give what learning styles in case it might manipulate someone's answer. So, post on this article on the BBS with your answers, and I'll let you know what your learning style is.

This is a brief description of the three main learning style you can look at once you take the quiz and let me know if you agree/disagree with the learning style you got and why/why not.

Visual: You prefer images, pictures, or maps to remember information. You can easily visualize objects or plans and outcomes.

Auditory/Aural: You're probably a good listener, and like to work with sound and music. You easily remember things just by hearing them.

Kinesthetic: You tend to use your body and sense of touch as a means to learn. You're in to things like sports & exercise. You are known for just jumping into things headfirst.

Some of you may find you have an equal combination of two or more of the learning styles which isn't unusual.

I hope I've helped some of you discover their learning style and that you'll use it to your advantage when it comes to various situations that come up.

Author's Note: I picked the above ten questions out of a thirty question quiz as well as modified some of the questions and answers.

Source: http://teachers.cmsfq.edu.ec/high/english/english9thB/Home%20Work/Learning%20Styles%20Questionnaire.pdf


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