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Whenever you see a red rose, growing from the earth, remember me. Pick up the rose, and bring it to your nose. Breathe in the sweet smell and let it soak into your lungs. Remember this smell, for it is a reminder of me for you.

Whenever you come across the corner, where we stopped numerous times to finish our conversation, remember the words that were said. Remember what it felt like when our hands were intertwined, as I would rub my thumb gently across your knuckle. This is a reminder of me for you.

Whenever you go to those dances our church has for teenagers. While you are there, remember the fun times we had being silly, and sometimes obnoxious, teenagers. Remember the time I taught you had to swing dance and how you twirled me around. Whenever you hear my favorite song playing there, remember us dancing slowly and not saying much just because we didn't need to a conversation while dancing with each other. Remember how comfortable we were underneath the dim lights, forgetting about the world around us. This will be a reminder of me for you.

Whenever you see my picture, remember that you were the one that taught me how to smile again. Remember the time you saw my blue eyes tear up and mumbling out words you couldn't understand, because of me trying to choke back tears. Remember how you found a way to make me smile through the veil of my tears.

Remember me, because I never forget you.


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