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I've cried my heart out for hours before. Lying in bed, endless tears trickled down my cheeks. Is tomorrow even worth it?

Let's face it. Life is just going to repeat itself, over and over again. Yesterday is no different from today. So why is tomorrow even worth a shot?

I know they say grass is greener on the other side. Trust me, I've climbed to the mountain and slid down the hill. I fell right back down. I had to dig deep, far beyond what I thought was possible. The strength remained a mystery, unable to be found.

I don't see the point of going on. How can I feel loved when I'm tortured like this? How can I feel important when I'm stepped on all day? How can I feel like a shining star when I'm as dull as can be?

I lost my sense of color long ago. The world is blurry and dark now.

Can't you just stretch your hand across to me? I know, you're not physically far away. But your mind is elsewhere. I need you now. I need you hand.

I need to know. I need to know that I'm loved. That I'm important. That I'm worth it. That I can go on.

Are things going to get better? I lack forgiveness for him. The scars used to only be in my head. But now they're a part of my body.

Scars can't define me in the way that words can. Scars run deeper through me and past my roots. They show the eternal pain I have to trudge through everyday.

I've been shot down already. I'd rather stay here on the ground than get back up again. And watch it all replay.


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