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Hey, all you Whvillians out there. I'll be starting a new series, where every week, I pick a new quote, a new topic, and go on a rant about what it could possibly mean, even though the answer is blatantly obvious, and written write there (it's like annotating "Romeo and Juliet").

This week, I chose one of my favorite quotes, and something that becomes apparent every day. The quote being:

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein

This quote is both comical, and true. Einstein only implies that people are all idiots. What he means is that people don't know anything, which are different. Take the universe, like he brought up; he, who is one of the smartest men who ever lived, couldn't tell you if it is infinite. (Scientists actually now know there is an edge to the universe, but, for our purposes, humans ain't got no clue.) We spend almost all of our time in the universe, yet we can't say one simple fact about it. Our intelligence, as smart as we think we are, is really next to nothing. We are clueless.

For another example, take the human brain. [Most] People use their brain constantly, yet we have no idea how it works. I'm reading a book called "Gifted Hands", by Ben Carson (great book), a neurologist, and he truly goes into how we don't know anything. He is one of the leading leaders in research of the brain, yet he can't tell you how simple things work. He has theories, but he doesn't know.

Humans are truly blind to what is right in front of our faces. We never will know anything. Ken Jennings only went 78 days, before he finally lost, and he got destroyed by that computer Watson. (I watch too much "Jeopardy!") People only can know so much. And we will always be discovering, and learning new, and better things. The sad part is, a lot of the time, we take for granted what little intelligence we have. Some people don't even use any intelligence! We have to utilize what we have. We can't constantly be worrying about our stupidity, or advancing. We can't throw away our 2-D TVs just because they made a somewhat-usable 3-D TV. We have to live in the moment, and live with what we have.

Nah . . . I think Einstein really just meant we're all idiots.

Author's Note: I didn't want to ruin the ending by saying this, but feel free to discuss this quote, with what little knowledge you have of it, in the BBS. See ya with another quote next week.


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