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Why Wait to Read?

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Why Wait to Read?

Times Writer

Guess what, everyone!? I have a new favorite song! It's really funny, and I'd sing for you but I know the words and they aren't appropriate for Whyville. Oh, and if you heard me sing you'd probably be in pain. LoL. I can't sing.

But hey, that's way off topic. Today I would once again like to stand on my soap box and accept this award (j/k). But I would like to ask you a question...

Why do you have to be in the waiting room to read the Times?

This drives me crazy. It also makes me feel like a dork. I own a Why-Pass! I actually forget what the waiting room looks like. I haven't seen it since January! But here's a fact: I am really excited every week when the Times comes out because I love to see all the articles. I like looking at the news, and finding out if there are any good shows on. I like reading the articles, and I usually learn something, or at least one article gets me thinking.

But I am not in the waiting room, people! Being bored shouldn't be the only reason you read the Times. I think people who do this should get an attitude check. This newspaper is great, and if it was only meant for you to read in the waiting room, why would there be a link to it on top of the bus or on the entrance page? Why would it be one of the three things that the Why-Bird drags across your screen when you first join Whyville?

Stop making assumptions that people reading this are in the waiting room. It's not right, and I feel like you're saying that you only read it because you have nothing better to do!

I take the time to write articles, and I like writing about my views. This takes time. Right now I could be writing, or doing homework, or playing soccer or just going for a walk, and nobody really cares. It only fills in time. Is that it?? Think about how people who are writing articles must feel.

I think that it's important to read the Whyville Times even if you aren't in the waiting room! You get a lot out of it.

Anyway, this is Giggler01, and with an X and an O, this chick has gotta go!



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