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Canadian Stereotypes

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Eh! My name is Lumberjack McHockey Laura! I live in an igloo and all I do all day is make maple syrup and play hockey, Eh! I'm ALWAYS COLD because it's ALWAYS snowing here. Guess where I'm from! CANADA! (eh).

Well, everyone, these are some common Canadian stereotypes. They are utterly absurd (perhaps not the hockey one) and many people who live outside of Canada have been led to believe these stereotypes are a reality! I thought it would be interesting to interview some Whyvillians to find out what they think of Canadian stereotypes!

xXibemeXo: Do you live in Canada?

Michaeldd: No, I live in the United States of America.
Ridindirt: No, I do not live in Canada.
Cano123: No.
Xpoetx: No.
Wicker14: Well, I was born in Canada, I moved to Ohio in USA and I came back to Canada. So yes, I am in Canada now.

xXibemeXo: What are some typical Canadian stereotypes you hear about?

Michaeldd: Canadians love hockey.
Ridindirt: I hear that all Canadians love Justin Bieber.
Cano123: Canadians all have to be hockey players.
Xpoetx: They say "eh" a lot! Or they all live in igloos.

xXibemeXo: If you don't live in Canada, how do you imagine it based on the stereotypes? If you do live there, how do you imagine other people view Canada based on stereotypes?

Michaeldd: I already love everything about canada because I live so close to it.
Ridindirt: I know that the stereotypes are wrong and not true. So I know Canadians, my cousin is one and Canadians are just like us but live in a different country.
Cano123: I imagine Canada as like a huge place where hockey posters are everywhere and hockey is a big deal.
Xpoetx: I imagine Cananda being fairly similar to the US. Just colder, brrrrr!

xXibemeXo: Do you think Canadian stereotypes are legitimate?

Michaeldd: Yes.
Ridindirt: No, I do not think stereotypes are legitimate.
Cano123: Yes and no, I think some Canadians very much enjoy hockey (a little too much) but not everybody there.
Xpoetx: No. It'd take some thick skin to live in igloos!

Well guys, all I can say is that I found these answers very, very interesting. Sorry to break the news to you folks, but in fact, we Canadians are not all igloo-living hockey crazed lumberjacks. For example, my hometown city of Toronto is a super urban big city! Sure, we may take hockey a LITTLE seriously and sure some of us cut down the occasional tree in our backyards, but I can assure you those silly Canadian stereotypes are not true! Heard any other Canadian stereotypes? Leave a comment in the BBS!



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