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Shavua tov Whyville (Good week Whyville)! In Mother's Day tradition (although, by time some of you may read this, Mother's Day will be in the past), I decided to do a quote about dads. Kidding, of course.

This week, I wanted to talk about how hard mothers work, with this quote:

"If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers." - Edward W. Howe

Mother's Day is all about celebrating moms. We are a reflection of our mothers. This quote is really saying two things

1. Kids are absolutely crazy, and parents need to be allowed to discipline.
2. Moms are the hardest working people out there. They have the best jobs; they have the worst jobs. Everyone's got one.

People always complain. "My mom won't let me get a new car." "My mom got mad at me, because I took her Mercedes for a joyride, and crashed." "My mom won't let me stay out till 3am, as punishment for the whole car thing." (I have heard all 3 of these, in varied versions, sometimes by the same person.) To us, reading this now, they sound pathetic, and rude. Your mom's not always going to be able to afford to, or just be able to, buy you a new car. Trust me, if your mom could be completely happy, all the time, and buy you a BMW for your 16th birthday, she would. If she could get through a day without worrying about her little child's safety, she would. If she could let you stay out, and hang out with friends, without worrying, she would. Mother's have a tough job to do. It's amazing that so few go insane.

And, I know, there's those of you reading this thinking, "My [or my friends'] mom is a maid who can't get over her drug abuse." I know there are those mothers out there. But, they try. I've never heard a story where I at least couldn't find some evidence that a mother loved their kid. (OK, 15 different cases of mothers murdering their children just popped into my head, but obviously, your mother never murdered you.) As much as you may want to argue with that, as much as you might think that's not true, as much as you might think your mom hates you, she doesn't. You're her favorite. If you seriously analyze it, beyond all the wanting people to feel sorry for you, beyond all the fights, beyond everything, there's always a mother who loves you.

Despite how it might sound, this article isn't for the stereotypical teenage girl who says, "Mom, like, doesn't know anything!" No. This is for all children. The child who's spoiled rotten. The child who seems to forget how hard their parents struggle. The child who still loves his or her mom through everything.

My mom has gone through a few rough patches throughout the 23 years she's been a mom. 2 divorces, her parents dying before she was 30, sisters not speaking to her, living where we used to, all of it, and a lot more. She's been a little stressed. Sometimes, seemingly a little too stressed. But, I understand, she lives a stressful life, with the 5 of us. We love her anyway.

So, I'm not going to end this by saying, "Now, go give your mom a great big hug, and forget all your problems, like a little Care Bear." No. I end it with a small plea: Don't forget your mom. Think about all she does. How good of a mom a mom is isn't measured by how much she gives you, or how much she tells you. It's how much she cares about you, and loves you. How many nights she stays up late, thinking about you. How many times she gets so stressed out, that an insane asylum actually sounds like a good thing. That's what Mother's Day is all about. And then there are dads . . . But that's another story.



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