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Forever Young: Part 3

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Logan's POV

I sat down on the edge of her bed as she closed the door. With gentle, slow steps, Hannah walked over to me.

"Logan, I'm really sorry about Karen moving away. But you need to get things straight now." Hannah sat down next to me.

"Get what straight?" I asked.

"You two aren't dating anymore. Let's face it, long distance relationships don't work!"

"No . . . We're both willing to make it work. Hannah, trust me."

"Come on, don't you think she'll find another guy up there in New York?"

"I'm sure she will. She's pretty, has a great personality . . ." Hannah rolled her eyes at me.

"Exactly! She'll find another guy and realize she doesn't need you anymore. She isn't gonna think it's worth it to sit alone in her room every Saturday night when she could be hanging out with her new boyfriend!"

"You think we should . . ."

"Breakup! Yeah," she put her arm around my shoulder.

"I don't know . . ."

"I know you don't. That's why I'm here for you. Logan, I know what's best for you . . . And Karen. You need to just get this over with."

I sighed. Maybe Hannah was right. Maybe we really did need to move on. We weren't going to talk or see each other for a year. "I think you might actually be right, Hannah."

Karen's POV

I'd been sitting by the door for the past ten minutes waiting for Madison to come. I jumped up as soon as I heard a knock on the door. Although I walked over slowly, to act as if I hadn't been sitting right there.

I swung the door open and smiled. "Hey!" I said cheerfully.

She was tall with dark brown hair, parted at the side. Her tan skin and and long lashes gave radiated beauty.

"Hi, I'm Madison." She said with a quick smile

"Hey, come on in. I'm Karen."

"So you just moved here?" She asked stepping inside.

"Yeah, last week. Sorry it's such a mess . . ."

"I think my house might be messier, and we've lived here for years!" She laughed.

Mom poked around the corner. "Hi! I'm Susan!"

"Hey, I'm Madison."

"If you two need anything, I'll be in the basement cleaning."

"Okay," I said. Mom disappeared downstairs.

"Let's go up to my room."

Madison followed me up the stairs and through the hallway.

"Are you excited for school tomorrow? You know, since you'll be going to a new school?" she asked while sitting on my desk chair.

I sat down on my bed after I turned on my light. "Kinda. I mean, I guess it will be nice to meet new people and all . . ."

"But you miss your old friends?"

I gulped. "Yeah. Especially my boyfriend."

"Aw. Are you going to see him anytime soon?"

"Nope. Not until the summer. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah. His name's Derrick. We've only been dating for a month. He just moved up here from . . . Virginia."

"What part of Virginia? That's where I moved from."

"I don't know . . . Somewhere in the northern part, I think."

"Same . . . What's his last name?"

"Derrick's? His last name is Becker."

"No way! He used to go to school with me." I laughed through disbelief.

Logan's POV

I was driving home around four thirty. I decided I needed some time to think over what Hannah had told me.

I was on the highway, driving just below the speed limit. Cars raced beside me. Rain trickled down before my eyes.

Then the rain grew heavier and my windshield wipers gave out. I couldn't see a thing.

I drove forward at a steady rate, unsure of what direction I really should have been going in. I felt something bump against the side of my car. It pushed me over to the other lane. My car ran right into the middle of another one.

I felt my car tumble over. Then I blacked out.

Karen's POV

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm dead serious!"

We both laughed.

"That's just . . . Crazy. I can't believe you went to school together!"

"Neither can I. I didn't expect to know anyone around here."

"You guys should see each other sometime. We're going to the movies tomorrow night. A whole group of my friends is going. You could tag along if you want."

"Sure! I mean, yeah I'd love to."

"And you'll get to see Derrick. Did you ever talk much when you both lived in Virginia?"

"No, not really, but . . ."

Mom barged in through the door. "Madison?"


"Your Mom just called. She said she needs you home now."

"Oh, okay." Madison said, standing up.

"Where do you live?" I asked.

"Just around the corner."

"I can walk home with you."

"Okay, cool."

She grabbed her purse and we walked back down stairs. I opened the door and closed it behind me. "It's chilly out here."

"Yeah, I'm sure it's warmer in Virginia, huh?"

"Yep. I'll get used to this though." I crossed my arms over my chest and kicked the leaves beneath my feet.

"Do you need a ride to school tomorrow?"

"My parents can drive me . . ."

"I have a cousin in eleventh grade who drives me every morning. We could swing by and pick you up if you want."

"Sure, that'd be great."

"Well, my house is right here. So I'll see you tomorrow morning, okay?"

"Yeah, thanks for hanging out today. Bye!" I said as I waved.

"Bye!" she called back.

Logan's POV

My eyes fluttered open as I woke up in a hospital room with my Dad sitting beside me.

"Sharon! He's awake!"

Mom came rushing through the door with a doctor close behind. "Sweetie," she said while rubbing my forehead, "How are you feeling?"

I rolled over onto my side. "My arm hurts . . ."

"He must have landed on it when the car flipped over." The doctor said. Another doctor barged into the room. She whispered something in the other doctor's ear and left in a hurry.

"The bad news is, he has a broken arm. The good news is, he was lucky. Not people make it out of an accident like that with just a broken arm."

Mom leaned over and wrapped her arms around me. "I'm so glad you're okay."

Karen's POV

My cell phone rang just as I pushed open the front door.


"Hi, it's Logan."

"I thought you said we shouldn't talk . . ."

"Well I'm in the hospital . . ."

"What? Why?"

"I was in an accident. I'll explain more later. Anyways, my arm is broken."

"Are you . . ."

"Sorry, gotta go, Karen. Someone's here to see me. I'll call you tonight. I need to talk to you about something else anyway."

I sighed and hung up.


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