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Book Review: I Am Number Four

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Have you heard of the book called "I Am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore? If you have not, consider that you have now! This is the first book of the Lorien Legacies series. There was actually a movie made after this fantastic book. So join me as I give you a summary about this wonderful book.

"I Am Number Four" is about this sixteen-year-old alien boy that has come to Earth from his home planet, Lorien. He was just six when his home planet was being invaded by the notorious Mogodorians whose home planet, Mogadore, is dying. When the Mogadorians came to Lorien, the Loric citizens with powers, also known as Garde, went to the battlefield to fight these ten feet Mogadorians and their gargantuan beasts. Some powers consisted of controlling the weather, invisibility, and telekinesis, and much more. As the war breaks out a pilot, nine Garde children, and a Cepan for each of the children. A Cepan is a guardian of a Garde. A Cepan doesn't have a power or any special abilities like a Garde. Before the Loric citizens get on the ship, they met one of the Lorien elders. A Lorien elder is one of the creators of Lorien. He placed a Loric charm on each child Garde, thus placing numbers upon a child. The numbers are one to nine. The number is created for the order of death of a Garde. If someone was to purposely inflict damage on a Garde out of order, the damage would be inflicted on the attacker with no harm done to the Garde. So the ten Garde enter the ship to the closest life sustaining planet, Earth. When the Lorics came to earth's surface, the Garde left with his or her assigned Cepan in different directions with enough gems and valuable stones to last ten lifetimes.

Now after ten years of running numbers one, two, and three have been hunted down and murdered by the Mogadorians. How to tell is that after a Garde is killed, the remaining Garde have a circular symbol burnt in the flesh of their ankle. Since nothing can harm a Garde purposely out of order, you can only assume that the Garde. Before you has died. Number four was at a beach party when his third scar appeared. That meant that number three had died. He and his Cepan, Henri, leave their house minutes later.

Number four and Henri leave and go to Paradise, Ohio. They get a house and make new identities. Number four's new name is John Smith. Henri keeps his name as he has for the ten years that they have been on the run. Henri plays the part of the John's dad as a low profile. John goes to a small high school. There, he runs into an enemy, a friend, and a girl who maybe be more than a friend. As John's emotion mixes in, he grows these powers known as Legacies. His first developed of the legacies is making lights grow out of his palms. The next legacy is telekinesis, the power to move things without touching them. Towards the end of the book, a surprising guest helps John with the war with the Mogadorians.

This is an amazing book that depicts a story of action, science fiction, and a little bit of romance. I you are into that kind of stuff, you will absolutely love this book! I believe that this book is one of the best book I have read. You may think that the movie version was bad, but the book is stunningly amazing! Out of five stars, I would rate this book a five!

This is the cover of the book before the movie was made.

This is the cover of the book after the movie was made.

This book is a great story of an alien race's fight for survival. You have to read it. If you don't, then maybe the Mogadorians will go searching for YOU next!


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