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Easter Eggs: The Pizza Truck

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Throughout our childhoods, most of us have seen at least one Pixar movie. From "Finding Nemo" to "The Incredibles", the movies showcase many memorable characters and plots. One thing that you may not know about these movies, however, is that they are filled with hints and hidden objects, or "Easter eggs", that have to do with their other movies.

In this series of articles, I hope to shed some light on some of the more common Easter eggs out there and uncover some of the ways the film directors have added hints to their movies to come through the most unsuspected ways. Today's article is going to feature one Easter egg that has shown up in a variety of Pixar movies: the pizza truck.

The pizza truck first showed up in "Toy Story", but has been seen in many different Pixar movies since then.

The truck also appears in "A Bug's Life" as an Easter egg next to a caravan. This caravan is also the same one that appears in "Monsters Inc".

The truck is briefly seen in "Finding Nemo" when Gill, a fish in the aquarium found at a dentist's office, unleashes his plan to break out of the aquarium.

Though the truck was not in the movie "The Incredibles", it does appear in "Cars" next to the "Elvis Car".

If you look closely in this next picture from "Ratatouille", you can vaguely see the pizza truck in a scene where Skinner is chasing Remmy, but it's there.

A more obvious way the pizza truck is shown in "Wall-E", is when it is vividly shown on the dirty, abandoned Earth.

During the movie "Up", the truck appears three times. The most obvious way it is shown is when the house flies over the city.

The most recent way that the pizza truck has been featured in a Pixar film, is when it appears twice in the movie "Cars 2".

Though this Easter egg has shown up many times over the last few decades, it is not known to the majority of Pixar movie watchers. In fact, very few people can catch them. Can you?

Author's Note: I got all my pictures from www.pixar-planet.com, but I did add a few changes to them.

Sources: www.pixar-planet.com


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