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You're the definition of perfection,
Everything I've been seeking.
But behind that flawless complexion,
I hear the lies you've been speaking.

When did you decide to get so twisted?
I don't think I know who you are anymore.
With my sadness, you assisted;
But you've left my heart beaten and sore.

You're forever changing your mind,
I'm not going to wait for you forever.
I can be just as unkind,
My quest for revenge, a worthwhile endeavor.

You've left the wrong person scorned,
You should run while you can.
Our lost love, I have mourned;
But crying forever isn't part of my plan.

You think it's funny to throw my heart around,
But this isn't a scheme for your enjoyment.
You watched me as I drowned,
My retaliation in full deployment.

You may have had me in the palm of your hands,
But I'm not a pawn in your little chess game.
No longer will I give into your demands,
I'll set these memories aflame.

Watching all the letters burn to the ground,
The messages, every mark of love we shared;
All of these things bonfire bound,
I should've known that you never cared.

I poured gasoline on every faint reminder,
Lit the match to watch it ignite.
I know you know me as much kinder,
But my feelings you've decided to incite.

I'll no longer tolerate your foolishness,
My love for you no longer blinds me.
You always had that bit of elusiveness,
But chasing after you is something I no longer foresee.

I've terminated all ties to you,
And destroyed everything you gave me to remember.
I should've never thought that you'd be true,
Now, what used to be our love; is now an ember.


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