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Into the Depths: Part 1

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As I walk down the boisterous hallways I feel alone. More alone than I've ever felt. There is no shorter companion skipping with me to our next class. She is gone. Abbie is gone forever. I would say our long distance friendship is hard to maintain, but that's that understatement of the century. She has slipped out of my life leaving no trace of evidence except the still pictures that fill up my walls. The days drag on slowly, like a turtle racing for summer. The point is, school is terrible. I slouch into my English room and quickly take my seat. The classical music rings telling me it's the start to another class period that I am completely utterly alone in.

"Welcome class, today we're doing partner work. Pair up." The teacher says setting up station after station.

An arrow passes through my heart. I scan the room looking for someone friendly enough to be my partner, but I quickly confirm everyone has a partner except me. I am panicked by now. Another glance reveals Tom in the corner captured in a book. Tom is a plain looking teenager with a understanding face riddled with acne. I need someone to work with so I gently walk over to his desk. "Hey Tom, what are you reading?" I ask timidly as if not to scare him. He glances up from a world entirely his own.

"Oh, hey Lottie. I'm just reading 'The Running Dream'. I really hate books that are required to read. This book is terrible and depressing," he says.

"That's cool. So it's not on you're recommended book list?" I joke.

"It's not for sure." He has a whisper of a smile on his lips, "Anyway do you know what's going on. I was so lost in my book I wasn't paying attention."

I manage to stammer out, "Y-yeah, we need to f-find partners."

"Cool, wanna be mine?" A smile spreads across his face. I let out a low sigh of relief. Yet another near disaster avoided. Tom and I manage to get through the lab with only a few stains on our clothes, and having more than a few laughs. At the end we shake hands, and we vow to hang out sometime soon. I walk out of the classroom not thinking about Abbie. She moved, so I can move on. A grin is on my face as I walk home; I'm thinking about today. Never have I noticed Tom, but something about him makes me feel secure. I've never been someone who laughed much, but it was effortless today. I'm going to make sure to call him. I fall asleep content.

A screeching noise awakes my pounding head. Groaning I sit up and take in my surroundings. I shut off my alarm clock and muting the sound. My room is a wasteland of dirty clothes and unfinished assignments. What I really want to know is how I got on the floor. It must have been another nightmare. I pad to the bathroom and peel of my pajamas. The cold shower clears my head, but it sends shivers up my spine. I get out and start my typical procedure. Do my hair, makeup, eat, and then walk in whatever extreme weather conditions we happen to have that day. Today it's storming, so I pack extra clothes. I charge outside and shield myself with my backpack. Across the neighborhood and the street lies my school. I run, for I don't want to get wet, so by the time I get there I'm soaked. I pace down the hall, and hear some rude comments on the way. It doesn't bother me though because I am head over heels for Tom, even if he doesn't know it. As I walk into my locker bays, my locker is crowded by various types of kids. They step back, as I come forward. On my locker is a note. I step forward and silently unfold it. The note reads, "You are a lying little thief. You know my secrets, and my past. You know where to meet me, or your dearly beloved friend will casually disappear. Don't tell a soul about this." My mind spins and dances a roulette, and the world goes a sickening shade of black.


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