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Wilson City

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Everyone is talking about Whyville's newest game, Wilson City Rescue. From protecting it's citizens with helmets to putting cones on cracked sidewalks, this new game is teaching our Whyvillians how to stay safe on the streets.

In Wilson City Rescue, your goal is to keep the town safe. To earn points on the streets, you must put helmets on people riding bikes, place cones over hazards on sidewalks, pick up trash on the ground and gain the attention of distracted pedestrians. The Wilson City Rescue game is a fun way to educate us on how to stay safe.

If this bike rider trips over anything, they could get badly injured since they aren't wearing a helmet.

I put a cone over the oil slick to warn any pedestrians about it so that they won't trip over it.

I'm going to use this trash can to throw the banana peel away. Pedestrians could trip over it. Also, throwing away trash keeps their streets clean!

Now I need to get this citizen's attention. If she continues to read as she crosses the street, she could get hit by a car.

You can also go into houses or cars and make sure they're safe. Although, the puppy distracted me from keeping the car safe. . . I mean, honestly, don't you just want to snuggle with that little fur ball?

After playing the game for a while, I decided to get the opinions about the game from some other Whyvillians.

CordeIia: What level are you on for the Wilson City Rescue game?

Pengwhen: I am a recruit academy so far, but I'm working on it!
TheNewS: Still a rookie, hehe. I don't go there much.
Cocococol: I was on level three, but most of those points were from the cheat, so now I'm back to level one.
BanjoMann: Recruit Academy. 67 points!

CordeIia: Do you think the game is fun?

Pengwhen: I do. In my opinion the game is one of the most fun Whyville games on the website for clams.
TheNewS: Very. Only because you have to watch without a blink so you know what happens every second. It burns but I got many many clams because of my pain!
Cocococol: I think it is fun because I like fast-paced games. This game is not only is fast-paced, but it gets me clams!
BanjoMann: Not really. All you do is point and click. It's just time consuming. It takes no skill, a daggone caveman could play this. But on the quality side of things, it's probably the best game Whyville's made.

CordeIia: What do you like most about it?

Pengwhen: I like how it is fairly easy and you make a lot of clams from it. And can boost your salary while learning all about safety
TheNewS: The Houses. The glitch was great when you get a adult in the kitchen and he/she would get stuck. But they got rid of it so I lost many points there.
Cocococol: I like that you can get clams. Yeah, definitely! In all seriousness, what I like the most is that they give us badges so you can show them off!
BanjoMann: Nothin' really. There's nothing to do in it. You put up traffic cones, jack cars, and breach and clear buildings. It's a lot like GTA if you think about it.

CordeIia: Why do you think Whyville created this game?

Pengwhen: I think they created it for the educational purpose, such as, teaching kids that it is important to wear helmets while riding your bikes, scooters, and magical unicorns. It would also teach them how important it is to wear seatbelts, etc. And it also teaches us all to create creative names for our stuffed animals like Fredward Menson.
TheNewS: To show what do to when there is a fire and reminds you of what not to do. I think it's helpful you know what to do and when to do it.
Cocococol: I think Whyville created this game so we could learn about safety in a non-boring way.
BanjoMann: Cash money baby. Ol' Jimmy Bower probably called up tesract and said, "Hey, make this game, we're gettin' money, yo."

Author's Note: Thank you to Pengwhen, TheNewS, cocococol and Banjomann for helping me with my interview!


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