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Hail to the Chief

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Have you played the Wilson City Rescue game on Whyville? You can access it at the Fire Station in the Bus Menu. As you earn points in the game, you move up the ranks ranging from 'Recruit Academy' and 'Rookie' all the way up to 'Chief', which requires a user to have earned over 36,000 points. And now we have our first Chief!

CONGRATULATIONS to ThatsEpic for being the first Whyvillian EVER to have legitimately reached the level of Chief in the Wilson City Rescue game! She has earned over 36,000 points in the past month!

Not only has she attained the title of Chief and received the twelfth and final Wilson City badge face part, she has also received the super-special Wilson City Rescue Chief Hat animated face part. As of right now, she is the only person in all of Whyville to have that hat.

Curious how you stack up against her? Visit the blue Wilson City Rescue book in your Satchel to see how many points you have, what level you're at, and how many points till your next level. You can also check to see how other people are doing by visiting their City Records.

Oh, and for those who don't already know, Wilson City Rescue can earn you instant clams, badges, AND bump your salary by as much as 12 clams a day!

Visit the Fire Station in your Bus Menu to learn about and play Wilson City Rescue!


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