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Easter Eggs: Boxer Shorts and Blue Bikinis

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Welcome back to "Easter Eggs". In the last two editions of this series, a reoccurring pizza truck was shown making its way through various Pixar movies, and Eggs found in "Finding Nemo" were cracked. This week, the Eggs featured are going to be from the movies "Ratatouille" and "Up", which came out in 2007 and 2009. These Eggs are mostly hints towards other Pixar movies, but the way they are incorporated into the movies may surprise you.

The first Egg found in "Ratatouille" was when Linguini is attempting to find a safe place to store the rat, Remmy, while the head chef inspects the kitchen. "Incredibles" designed boxers are shown on Linguini.

The next Egg is another reference to the movie "Incredibles", which was released two years prior to this movie?s release. In it, Linguini and his new girlfriend and roller skating past a mime who you may remember as the French villain "Bomb Voyage".

The last well-known Egg out there is a hint towards the movie "Up", which was released two years after "Ratatouille". This Egg shows that shadow of the dog, Dug, against the wall in a home Remmy explores.

In "Up", one Egg that many people don't know about is that the tree Carl and Ellie picnic under during the first few minutes of the movie is the same tree in "A Bug's Life". The tree is flowering during "A Bug's Life" and is green during "Up", but it is confirmed by Pixar that this is the same tree. This tree is also in other movies such as "Toy Story 2".

If anyone remembers the Pixar Short Film "Knick Knack", they are sure to remember the blond, bikini-wearing figurine a snowman figurine falls for. This blond figurine is displayed on a brochure when Carl visits a travel agency.

In Pixar's "Up", numerous Easter Eggs pop up, but one of the most "Egg-filled" moments in the movie is when we are shown the room of a little girl as Carl's house is lifted up in the sky. There are a number of toys in the room that are found in other Pixar movies, there are flowers on the wall that are also found in Boo's room from "Monsters Inc", and the drawing on the wall illustrates Kevin and Dug, two characters introduced later in "Up".

Hopefully learning about these Eggs will inspire you to watch these movies and see for yourself if you can spot them. I know I am!

Source: www.pixar-planet.com


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