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DIY: Hair Chalk

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There are a lot of fun trends for the upcoming summer; mint green and neon clothing, the one-shoulder look, and fringe to name a few. My favorite? Dip-dyed hair. I'm sure we've all seen it at some point. Some people may have already tried it, and others may be afraid to damage their hair, or have strict parents. Don't worry! I have the perfect substitute for dip-dyed hair that is both non-damaging and looks just as cute. Hair chalk!

What You'll Need:

- Clips to section hair
- Rubber gloves because this can get messy!
- An old towel or robe
- A spray bottle of water
- Soft chalk pastels(Sennelier pastels have very bright colors)

Step One:

Separate the hair you'd like to color and slightly dampen it with the spray bottle. If you have blonde hair or blonde tips DO NOT wet your hair; it WILL stain. Redheads may need to wet their hair, and for any hair color darker than red you will need to wet hair for the color to show.

Step Two:

Take the strand of hair and twist it as you color it with the chalk. Twisting your hair makes the chalk release more pigment. Make sure you brush off the extra powder after chalking. Do this on as many strands of hair with as many colors as you'd like. Try using two colors on one strand of hair. It looks very cool!

Step Three:

Once you are done coloring your hair, it's time to style! Colored strands look great in a braid or high bun.


- Make sure you wear a towel or robe when you're chalking your hair because the powder from the chalk gets EVERYWHERE.
- The powder will get on your clothes during the day, so try to wear something close to the color of your pastels.
- Don't confuse soft chalk pastels with oil pastels. If you're unsure, ask someone!
- To get the chalk out of hair, just wash it. Make sure you brush out your hair before you shower to get most of the pigment out.
- When you shower, make sure you condition your hair. The chalk is made of powder and takes away natural moisture your hair needs.

To buy Sennelier pastels, go here: http://www.dickblick.com/products/sennelier-soft-pastels/

The colors used in the above pictures were "Cobalt violet 361," "Steel blue 712," and "Carmine 052." I hope you liked the tutorial, and I hope hair chalking works for whoever tries it. If I get positive feedback on this tutorial I may do another one next week. Thanks for reading!

- DevilDayz

Author's Note: Source: http://thebeautydepartment.com/2012/01/chalk-it-up/


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