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Stupid Whyville?!

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So, once again, here we are. Speeding towards the abyss. The abyss (that's really more like a small cliff, or even a sloping hill) you can even see the bottom, which is only a few feet down. THE ABYSS where our Whyville-elected government is changing. The all so important, cared for, and life changing leaders, AKA, your Whyville Senators. What they do will change your whole Whyville experience. Except, we're not really speeding anymore - slowly creeping along, as Whyville's taken months to announce the winners. Oh, and, the senators don't really do much. Not to mention that the only ones who view them as "all so important, cared for, and life-changing" are, well - themselves. And, maybe a handful of supporters. (Although, that's about half the population of Whyville . . .)

The Forums (for those who don't know, that's where the crazy, addicted, over-emotional Whyvillians, and our troll counterparts hang out on Whyville) have been going crazy with complaints. "Alright, what's taking so long?" Is the beginning of one such thread. "I don't see what could be so hard about making a post saying who the winners are. I don't know how your counting votes process works, but I find it rather cheesy that you haven't announced the winners. I don't think that it's fair at all (no offense to current senators) that the current senators get more time to be one." (Note: Post edited for some grammar errors.) But, I ask you all - in all honesty, does it really matter? The first response, by one of our actual senators said, "They don't set up meetings with us. We're basically just citizens with a wreath face part." And, this is true. The senators don't do much.

So, why then, is it so wrong, so offensive, so outrageous that the Senate Race is not item #1 on Whyville's list? Yeah, who needs chat rooms updated, which, whether we realize, or care, or not, they are. Or a cool new game, which is probably the best game Whyville's put out, and which brought in some much-needed "fun money" for Whyville. when we can find who gets to be the next "Citizens with a wreath face part." OY! Now, if City Hall put the current senators as item 1, that would be different. But, again, the CWs build this site to the best of their ability, and, in truth, even when they do stuff with senators, nothing comes from it. They could just as easily read a few senator platforms, and forum posts, send out a y-mail to citizens, as they can talk to senators for 15 minutes. And, I bet we all know which is more effective.

We all realize it - Whyville's in decline. Is that the CWs fault? We all love Whyville, and have good memories of playing on the site, and we just don't realize, if we had done what the earlier generations of Whyvillians had done, we could still be a good site. So, CWs, I would like to personally take the blame for all the lay-offs, and salary cuts, and long hours you all are being forced to put in, whether or not it's legal under the Labor Act. We take the blame. With Whyville being in decline, we try holding onto those few things that we have - forums, rare face parts, and senators, to name a few. And, when they don't work out, we all whine and complain to the CWs.

To go over this again, A) Senators aren't as "all-powerful" as we think; B) That's, in a lot of ways, our fault; C) Quit complaining; D) Whyville can't implement much, of anything the senators say anyway, which really is the "all of the above" letter. (Isn't D always?) Just enjoy the site, get friends to join, buy pearls, keep making great suggestions in the BBS, and be patient. Y'all's a buncha whiney 'ittle babies. Not to say I'm not.

Well, Whyville, this is Xion2, off to go join the "Occupy Whyville" protests at City Hall. Have a good one.

Author's Note: This is dedicated to Eduard Khil, 1934-2012 Trololololol


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