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Writers are everywhere, littered among the people who infest this earth. Just like in every other profession you'll find people who aren't so good, are good, are very good and are excellent. Some writers are good, some aren't, some are better than others. Not saying I'm particularly good, but from being an absorber of literature here are some tips I think will be able to enhance your writing.

Moral, Message, Purpose And Audience

It's a bit like marketing - who is your target audience? What will capture the attention of your target audience? What message are you aiming to get across? Is there a moral to your story? And lastly, what's the purpose of you writing your story?


You need passion. It's easier if you enjoy doing something. It's easier if you're passionate about the topic you're speaking about and know what you're talking about. Passion for what you do is what should drive you.

Read, Read and read some more!

Never stop reading. Devourer everything - even if it doesn't take your fancy. If you pick up a book that sucks don't just throw it back down. Read it and find out why it doesn't work so you don't make those same mistakes. If you find something good - read it. Then read it again. Readers read for enjoyment but writers read for more.

Ideas, Imagination and Individuality

These are an important three. Ideas form a plot, imagination is what puts it to life and individuality is what makes it stand out. After Harry Potter there were so many copiers. So many stories about children discovering they're magical. Sorry, that genius idea has already been taken. A lot of stories involve lovers who turn out to be supernatural creatures. All I can say is it's just so unoriginal. Readers will get bored of being bombarded with the same every time. Instead captivate them with something new, created especially by you.

Finish What You Write

I'm sure at home you have a whole stack of unfinished stories and hesitant starts. Don't give up. Finish it. If it's horrible - edit it, then edit it some more. Always finish what you write otherwise there would have been no point of writing it in the first place.


This is the most important of all. So many people say to be a great writer just read. But what they don't add is to not JUST read. Write as well - every day. Writing lets you apply what you learn from reading. And if you don't write, how can you be a writer?

So those are some things I believe could enhance your writing for the reader. You don't always need an audience though. It's fun to write. It's fun to play around with different characters and settings. It's fun to play around with different rhymes and sentences. And as long as you're having fun, you'll learn as you go along.


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