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Amber opened her door and felt the brisk cold hair close in around her. She breathed in the fresh fall air. She loved this type of season. Her mom yelled behind her, "She the door! You try paying the bills around here and then you can open and shut the door all you want." Amber nodded as she grabbed her book bag and walked down the alley road to her school. She walked alone for one block until she came to her friend Jake's house. Until then she had a little time to herself.

Amber was in the 8th grade. Amber had blond hair and she wore skinny jeans and her favorite striped T-shirt. She came from a great family. Amber and her mom were so good together. They were always there for each other no matter what the circumstance. Her little brother, on the other hand, wasn't even a little brother. He was more like a little bother. He did everything he could do go out of his way and annoy Amber. She didn't let that mess up her day, though. As she thought she finally got to Jake's house.

Jake was sitting on his porch waiting. "Sorry I am late, Jake! I know how much you hate to be late. My mom was determined I get my chores done, my room cleaned, and get my brother something to eat before he got on the-" Jake held up his hand.

"It's alright." He said. Amber looked at him for one second. Who knew that the one quick second she looked at him how many thoughts had came into her head. She loved him beach blond hair and his saggy jeans with his T-shirt and Osirus shoes. "If your mom needs your help then you need to help her." He paused. "When your dad died did you think she could handle it herself? Be easy on your mom. She's just trying to figure things out, that's all. And in order to do so she needs your help." Amber nodded.

She hated it when she brought up her dad. She always tried her best to forget about him but somehow in everything she did it always came back to him. "If only her dad wasn't in the car. Maybe that wouldn't happen." She always thought. She always told herself that if she ever found whoever the drunk semi driver it was that killed her dad she'd kill him if it was the last thing she'd do.

Her and Jake started to walk up the alley some more. They were about to get their other friend, Chloe. When they got to her house all there was was a empty house and a for sale sign. Amber and Jake looked at each other. What was going on? Amber quickly pulled out her phone and started to text her. Jake sat over her shoulder silent reading every text carefully as they continued to walk slowly.

Amber: Where r u? We r at ur house so we can walk 2gether.
Chloe: Im not going 2 b able 2 walk 2day. Sorry.
Amber: Could we walk 2gether 2morrow?
Chloe: My family and I have moved 2 Florida. sorry.
Amber: Whats going on. Is everything alright?
Chloe: no.
Amber: Want to talk about it?
Chloe: I am not aloud to say anything. All I can say is that my parents don't have custody of me or visitation rights either.


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