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Calling All Potatoes

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Calling All Potatoes

      Hey! My own room, huh? Cool!!

      The minute I heard from my buddy Marty B. that Building Blocks Construction was coming out with a new brick that'll let us Myville residents get to have rooms at our houses, I cancelled my Amazon safari and ran to my place to check it out.

by Bigfoot Bill
Times Staff

      When I clicked on my own house from Myville, I saw a notification that said I needed to add my room. The first thing to do, Marty had told me, was to go to the building screen. There I found a big 8x8 brick that said "ROOM 1" across the top sitting in my storage column. It also had a door and a window.

      Well, since my house had been up for a whole week, I figured it was time for a renovation.

      When you put the room into your house, you might want to make your door visible from the outside; it just make sense. If you need help using the building screen, check out Marty's article from last week.

      When I was done rearranging everything, I clicked on the text link beneath the building screen to go on. My first impression of the interior decorator tool was that I was zooming in on a groovy TV screen with a picture of a weird empty space. It looks like a cross between picking your nose and building your house, but don't let that get you confused -- it's neither.

      The storage column to the right has a pull-down menu of the types of items you have available. Below that there's an index of how many of each item you have. To get a piece of furniture, click on it and one of that type should appear in the middle of your room. When you move your cursor over to the main screen, the item you just selected will jump to meet it, and then you control the item with your mouse.

      To set something down, move it to the place you want it and click once. To pick it back up again, of course, just click on it again. And, to get rid of something, make sure you've picked it up, and then take it down to the recycling bin at the bottom right and click on that. The object should get returned to your storage column.

Home sweet home  Bigfoot Bill's
new room in Myville

      To select an object that's got several other things around it, remember that when you click, you're grabbing whatever is in front. Sometimes you'll just have to move things off to the side in order to get at that rug or whatever.

      If it's all getting a little crowded and you need to clear a space, then all ya gotta do is hit the Clear button, and everything will go away -- I can't tell you how much I wish I had that for my real-world bedroom!

      And of course, don't ever forget to click on Save when you're done remodeling your room or you'll lose everything you just changed. Seeing how tough it can be to set everything down just right with how touchy the control is, forgetting to save can be real frustrating.

      Anyways, after a couple of tries, I got it all right. Come on over to my pad and check it out! I chose the color scheme of everything real carefully, from the floor to the rugs! Bright, huh?

      Along the lines of color schemes, from what I hear, eventually we'll get to draw on our walls and decorate them with whatever we want. My buddies at City Hall also tell me that citywide chat is coming, which means that eventually our rooms will become chat rooms. As a wise philosopher once said -- "Sweet! Potatoes!"

      To keep things simple, keep in mind these basic steps:
  1. Go to the building tool and place your room.
  2. Go to the interior decorator by clicking on the text link beneath the building screen.
  3. Click on the storage column to choose an item or color of floor.
  4. Use the pull-down menu to select what type of furniture you want to place next.
  5. Selected objects will move with your mouse; click to set something down or pick it back up.
  6. Move the object down to the recycling bin and click to return it to storage.
  7. Always remember to Save when you're done!


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