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Bob and the Goldfish: Part 2

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Oh no! Water lapped at Bob's mouth threatening to block his air way while the super-sized goldfish swarm through the water, its massive mouth gaping wide open.

Starvation seemed to drive it on. In hunger, it began to ravenously consume all of Bob's precious possessions. It started eating away his homework, toys and all his favorite belongings. The gigantic gold fish ate like a water vacuum cleaner, sucking away everything in its path up through its puffy lips.

Bob knew, that if he waited much longer the goldfish would run out of possessions to eat, moving onto the only fresh meat available - himself. Until Bob was struck with an idea. Would it work?

Lucky thing he had tried hard in swimming classes. Bob inhaled one burst of precious air and dived deep down into the water. Now the goldfish was swimming after him full speed just as hungry as before. Exhaustion clung to Bob's skimpy legs but he kept on swimming and swimming.

When the goldfish caught up to Bob he had already made it to his bed and was waiting in a challenging pose. (Bobby's bed was nice and bouncy making it perfectly suitable for what he planned on doing.) The goldfish's eyes buldged out at him in the water in acceptance. Bring it on, thought Bob. And they began the battle.

Seeing only a way of winning the goldfish lunged first, unaware that Bob had a secret plan. Before the goldfish could reach him Bob bounced high on the bed and then jumped right into the goldfish's mouth! Hey, you were going to eat me anyway he thought.

Imagine slipping down through the very slippery throat of a goldfish and landing in its smelly stomach. Yuck! Very fun, yes (almost like a jumbo ride at a waterpark), but also very, very disgusting! Bob encountered many different nooks and crannies as he went down, saw many wonderfully sickening sights and slipped through a series of different passages. It was like a field trip where you could get hands on learning about the inside of the stomach - goldfish style.

It took a while until Bob was finally completely digested. Now he had to get the rest of his plan underway. All his toys and possessions were trapped in the part of the stomach he was in now. He just had to find a way to retrieve them. Not to mention while he was at it he also had to find a way to get the goldfish to kind of de-huge itself and get back to normal size.

Bob was just an ordinary boy - could he do it?


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