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As the time is creeping ever so quickly, I've been discussing colleges as well as future plans with other people. Something that I've noticed in these conversations is that people would establish their plans based on money limitations.

My belief is that money shouldn't have to act as a barrier when it involves education. I find it upsetting when a person limits their options and even go as far as to change their dreams to fit the budget.

What a majority people haven't been told about are the many scholarships out there to claim. Of those that do know about scholarship options, there are the handful who dismiss the option immediately, only knowing scholarships to be solely based on academics and athletics.

However, that isn't the case at all. Just one search on Google could bring up thousand upon thousands of scholarships going on at this very moment. Most don't even incorporate grades into the ordeal and rather focus on raffles, art work, essay writing and more.

The best way to go about finding these scholarships would be to do to statewide/country wise scholarship searches (ex. scholarship contests in Florida) However if you are planning on going to another state/country you'd either want to check if the scholarship would still count, or just look for scholarships there instead.

The prizes for these contests vary in the amount, mainly depending on what they ask of you. For instance, an essay contest would most likely have a larger prize then a raffle would.

These contests could open up doors that might've been closed through money-related issues. You'd be surprised by the nearly-endless amount of scholarships out there.


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