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Fun in the Sun 2012

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Earlier, on Friday afternoon as I was logging onto Whyville, a little blinking party hat on the homepage caught my eye. Of course that could only mean one thing - it was party time! So I headed down to Sportplatz to check out Fun in the Sun 2012!

When I arrived, I found myself dashing down a cool and refreshing slip and slide, as of course this was the only appropriate way to enter a such a fabulous party.

The water slide led me to the main party area where I found friends, decorations, and a catapult! Working together, we were able to toss water balloons to send the piggy bank flying and create a huge clam shower. All the while jamming out to a Britney Spears tune, one of our favorites on a list of funky party music Whyville had in store.

I then headed down to the musical chairs area, my personal favorite Whyville party game. Not your average Joe game of musical chairs, here you would never know where or when the frenzy of moving chairs would stop, and which chair would disappear and leave you the standing duck.

Continuing to make my way around the party, I happened upon the ever-so-famous wishing well! Tons of Whyvillians chose to stay at this fun word scramble game for a good chunk of the party to win clams, projectiles, and earn points to get to the top of the party animals list!

I stuck around the well for a little bit longer and found some clever Whyvillian's Inigo Montoya accounts. Thumbs up for "The Princess Bride" allusion! I just had to get a picture!

Finally, after hitting all the games, I went to the party stage to check out the rankings and hang out with some friends. I've gotta say, I had an awesome time. Thanks so much to all the wonderful City Workers who took the time to set up the fantastic party!

Hope you're having a safe and happy summer everyone!


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