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Colorado Shooting

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Early Friday, during the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises", everything was going perfectly . . . What could go wrong? In Aurora, Colorado, the movie theater filled up with excited people. Some dressed up for this premiere as Batman, Catwoman, Robin, etc., and some did not. The auditorium was sold out.

. . . Until a horrible tragedy happened.

During the movie, witnesses said James Holmes entered through the emergency exit wearing a ballistics helmet, bulletproof clothes, a gas mask, and gloves. Witnesses said he had 4 weapons - an assault rifle, a shotgun, and 2 handguns. He detonated many smoke bombs, and released them into the audience. He then just started firing in the air, making his way through the aisles. He shot anyone who he saw in the audience - kids, mothers, couples, ANYONE. People scattered out, screaming and panicking.

As this occurred, people in the adjacent theaters next to the one theater that the shooting was occurring in said bullets flew through the walls and they all heard screaming. At one point, 1 person in the adjacent theater got injured. His name was Zack Golditch and he was an offensive lineman. He got wounded beneath his earlobe when a stray bullet went through the walls. He was with 10 other football players in both theaters. A few of his other football players got injured or nearly shot by a few inches as well.

Brave people sacrificed their lives to protect the people they loved, even for strangers. 3 guys, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn, and Alex Teves saved their girlfriends lives. Each of them in their final moments dove over their girlfriends, and took the bullets. If it wasn't for them, the 3 girls would be dead. Jansen Young, the girlfriend of Jon Blunk said, "He's a hero, and he'll never be forgotten. Jon took a bullet for me." Jon pushed his girlfriend, Jansen under the movie seat and threw himself over her, and died for her. Jansen also recalled smelling the gunpowder, hearing the BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! of the gunshots, and hearing a woman scream, "I've been shot!" over and over. As far as Alex Teves, the hero immediately pushed his girlfriend to the ground. He was going to dive for the floor, but never made it. He was shot. Finally, for Matt Mcquinn, he dove on top of his girlfriend as soon as he heard the gunshots. He saved his girlfriend's life, and the girlfriend's brother who was in the theater as well, helped her reach safety.

James Holmes at one point exited the theater to wait for escapees as they tried to exit, a witness said. The police found James Holmes, who called himself "the Joker", in the parking lot and took him in. He went to court, and will possibly have a trial. The judge will not let him go out of custody, and will not post a bail for him because of how extreme and tragic the event and things was that he was accused of.

Personally, if I was in this situation, I would have mentally broke down, and never want to go to a theater again. A few people who were put in this shooting said they will not go see a movie anytime soon. I honestly think this is a horrible situation, and I was saddened when I heard this on the news. It's such a tragic experience that I NEVER wish upon anyone, no matter what. I pray for the families and friends and anyone who was affected by this in any shape or form. Rest in peace, victims.

Author's Note: Sources: kotaku.com/5927653/mass-shooting-at-dark-knight-rises-premiere


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