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You Are Gone

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Shouldn't I feel?
Shouldn't I cry and scream and carry on?
That's what everyone else will do
But I'm not everyone else and I made myself not care about you

You are gone
Gone and changed and not you
But this happened months ago
I mourned you last year when you started to let go

I thought I wanted this
I did and I don't and I still do
I said I wished you would leave already
Now that it's actually happened, I'm not so steady

I want you back
You and your piggyback rides and your laugh
But they've been gone so long
The memories are fading now and I need to stay strong

Maybe I should cry
Maybe I should and maybe I shouldn't
That seems like what you do when you lose
Why aren't you here to tell me what I can and can't do?

My heart is breaking
I can feel it and hear it and I'm gonna die
I said I was going to be strong
I was for a few minutes but I don't know if I can do it for long

I missed you months ago
I miss you now
I'll miss you tomorrow
I hope I won't miss you forever


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