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True Olympic Spirit

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Celebrating a time when all come together as one, the Olympics have begun! All over the world people watch the incredible courage, talent, endurance, determination and strength displayed. Only the best athletes get in, only the best of the best win.

But are the Olympics only about gold medals, finish lines and becoming champions?

Athletes from all races, all backgrounds and all religions compete against each other to be the best of the best. Culture is a huge part of it. It's the only time that every four years the world joins together to celebrate something special, they celebrate sport, the athletes and they celebrate each other.

It's the only time when people from every corner of the globe are connected to each other in some way. They share the feeling of hope, determination and spirit.

During the opening ceremony each country placed a little bowl of fire onto the Olympic cauldron. After all the countries had marched proudly each of these bowls of fire slowly moved up together to create one big cauldron of fire. This represents every team joining to rise up together with greatness.

The Olympics are a time when dreams are achieved, when mountains are climbed and conquered. There is no failure. Those who do not succeed go home with great sportsmanship knowing they tried and knowing they may have the chance to try again.

They are role models, honoring their country and showing you that nothing is impossible with the right mind, determination and hard work. They show you the spirit of sportsmanship.

This is the time when the world comes closer together and shares spirit, dreams, determination and courage.

Good luck to all the countries. And most importantly, go Australia! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oye, Oye, Oye!



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