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I Miss You

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I miss you so much.
There are no words to explain . . .
I miss you so much.

I remember the times we had together, even if they were small.
I remember you sitting next to me, smiling and joking around.
I remember the time when you offered me candy, even that was in my mind.
You were so sweet, a friend to everyone.

After you fought the cancer, you had won and defeated it.
We had the great times together, with all our friends.
Then the cancer came back, for a second time.
Our friends came together, sadly praying for something good to happen.
We made you cards, gifts, even a video . . . hoping it would reach you in time.

We got the bad news, a few days later.
Cancer has taken you, for good this time.
That day, I couldn't believe it . . . We were all crying.
So many things went through my head . . . "Did he get the cards? The gifts? Did he ever watch that video?"
"Why does he have to die? Someone so sweet as him?"

It was too much for me to bear, as I went to your wake.
By the time I walked out, I was crying the life out of me.
You are in every single one of us, I know you are.

There's never a day that goes by, without me thinking about you.
I miss you, I wish you were back . . .
I love you, my best friend.


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