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Well-Come Back

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For those of you who are new to Whyville, you may not have been around when Whyville first introduced what many citizens believe is the greatest game the site has ever had: the wishing well. The well was first introduced in the summer of 2007 with the well commonly known as "Piff well". Whyville returned the following summer with the "Heck well". That next summer, the "Hc Well" was brought to Whyville. These wells were kept up all summer, and were cherished by many Whyvillians. After a two year hiatus, the well returned for the 2011 end of summer party, then reappeared this June for a weekend-long return.

Last Wednesday, new citizens and well veterans alike joined in for a fantastic night of world unscrambling and the continuation of the friendly competition many citizens took part of. I myself am I huge fan of the wells, and after getting to know several of the other citizens who regularly visit the well, I decided to compose an interview in dedication of our best friend: the well.

Kittieme: For about how many years have you been playing the well?

PSYCHOSlS: Since the first Wishing Well appeared, in 2007 I believe.
Cathris: Oh lord . . . Since the piff well. 2007?
Leprosy: I have been playing The Well since the 2008 Heck Well, making this my 4th year at the well.
DQx12: Since the Piff Well.
Vancyon: Since 2007's Piff well, so this is my Fifth year.
MentalCow: Barely a year, but it's definitely one of my favorite things about Whyville (when it's here of course)!
Cra6cak3: Since 2008, my first one was Heck Well.

Kittieme: When you were new to the well, was it difficult to unscramble the words quickly?

PSYCHOSlS: At first, but once you hang around for a while you tend to pick up on some of the words rather quickly.
Cathris: The words were insane haha. Benjamin Bartholomew Piff!
Leprosy: When I was new to The Well it wasn't generally hard since I've always been a fast at typing, it was only difficult with some phrases.
DQx12: Yes, very. You learn with practice.
Vancyon: Yes, at every single well it is hard at first, but it gets much easier as the hours go on. Don't be discouraged, it's hard for all of us! It took us days during the first well for anyone to unscamble 'thaumatrugic cardioscope.'
MentalCow: Yes, and it still is sometimes.
Cra6cak3: Yeah, wicked hard hahaha. I rarely won a round.

Kittieme: What is your favorite part about the well?

PSYCHOSlS: The friendly competition.
Cathris: The clams, I think I made about 300k from heckwell.
Leprosy: The heat of the competition. And, how most people end up getting angry at the skilled players.
DQx12: Seeing your name on the well and seeing "You solved it!" ACCOMPLISHMENT!!
Vancyon: I love the community. The first well brought together people from the beach, sunroof, and whyvillian's hangout (you know who you are!). It brought me many new friends that I still talk to now, and unfortunately also some who disappeared shortly after the well.
MentalCow: My favorite part about the well would have to be competing against friends.
Cra6cak3: Talking with your friends and laughing at the funny guesses that some people make.

Kittieme: What's your opinion on "cheaters" that use word unscramblers to solve the words quickly?

PSYCHOSlS: I don't have much of an opinion, but if they took the time to play the game, they would soon see it takes much less time to play properly by attempting to unscramble the anagrams by themselves.
Cathris: Depends if no one can figure out the word. By the time it'd take them to get the word unscrambled, someone probably would've gotten it before then anyways.
Leprosy: I think it's ridiculous and annoying, I really see no need to cheat. The answer is given about 5 seconds later? It's dumb.
DQx12: In my opinion, I think it's fine as long as they do not use them the whole entire event.
Vancyon: I think it's unethical, but I do not frown upon it as much as I do with shortkeys.
MentalCow: I think it's lame and it takes the fun out of it.
Cra6cak3: If you can't use your brain to unscramble the easy words that the well gives you; then you have some serious problems.

Kittieme: Have you ever used an unscrambler in the past?

Cathris: I think I did for the piff well since I couldn't figure them out. Not anymore though!
Leprosy: I used it to beat out the cheaters at the last Well, to teach them a lesson.
DQx12: Yes, a few times when the word was difficult and I wanted to note it.
Vancyon: Of course.
MentalCow: Nope!
Cra6cak3: In 2008 I used an unscrambler after a while because I wanted sporks (:!

Kittieme: What is one thing about the well that you think Whyville could improve upon?

PSYCHOSlS: Adding more words as frequently as possible so the challenge is equal for all.
Cathris: Getting rid of the 4904657 word glitches.
Leprosy: I think they should make the Well themed, so it's not so complicated and have out of the blue words. If the Well is in the summer, it should be summer themed.
Vancyon: Well, I love the well the way it is, and don't want to change for nostalgic reasons. However, they could try to bring it back more often. Kudos to the efforts of city workers to listen to citizens and implement it in summer activities this year, though!
MentalCow: Coin piles on both sides of the well!
Cra6cak3: Nothing really - it's as good as we're gonna get it.

Kittieme: For about how many hours will you be playing the well this summer competition?

PSYCHOSlS: For as many hours as my body allows.
Cathris: All 4!
Leprosy: At this year's Summer Party, I ended up playing for 14 hours the first night. From 4 p.m EST when the party started to 6 A.M EST. Then the next day I woke up at 2 P.M and played until 5:30 A.M and repeated until the Well poofed :(. I plan to do the same at this upcoming Well at the Midsummer Eve's Dream party.
DQx12: Even though I'm in recovery from surgery, ALL NIGHT BABY. UNTIL IT LEAVES.
Vancyon: As soon as I answer these questions I'm going to go to the well, so probably around 4 hours during the actual competition, but I will be there until it is taken down.
MentalCow: Too many!
Cra6cak3: As many as I can fit in! I'm really busy with summer courses and football.

Kittieme: Do you have any last words for the well?

PSYCHOSlS: I only hope this isn't the last time we will be seeing the Wishing Well on Whyville.
Cathris: I smis uoy!
Leprosy: I love you.
Vancyon: *tosses coin* I wish for more wishing well!
Cra6cak3: I love it x)!

I'd like to thank Cra6cak3, MentalCow, Vancyon, DQx12, Leprosy, Cathris, and PSYCHOSlS for their answers! I'd also like to thank the City Workers from bringing the well back and letting us treasure it for the rest of August. I've had lots of great experiences at the well in the past, and I continue to meet new people, expand my vocabulary, and have lots of fun with this summer well. Thanks again!

- Off to play the wishing well until my fingers fall off


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