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His fingers whip across the page filling it with slanted writing. His words form magic and speak without a tongue. Give him pen and paper and he can change the world. He has a gift.

Muscles ripple from his arms. When he runs he bolts like lightning. With the ribbon strung around his neck and the gold shining off his beating chest everyone knows and everyone can see he has a gift.

She sits lost in concentration, perfecting every line and every shadow. She has the ability to create mountains, streams, rivers and people on paper. She lifts up the paper and everyone can see she has a gift.

When he talks, the room bursts into laughter. He sees the funny side of life. Everywhere he goes he brings cheer and joy. He is a doctor in his own right. Through tears of joy and laughter everyone knows, and can see he has a gift.

Each note she sings hits an extraordinary pitch. Everyone is mesmerized by her voice. When her mouth opens and she shares the sound with everyone they know she has a gift.

Another stands there. He does nothing. He has a gift.

He was given the gift with birth, his was passed down from his father and hers was one she handmade for herself. And the other holds an unopened gift, while everyone watches and waits to see what it is.


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