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Interview on Online Bullying

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As you know, there has been a lot of talk lately on Whyville about online bullying, otherwise known as cyberbullying. I've interviewed a few Whyvillians about the case.

mariaaa18: What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear the word 'cyberbully'?

Imtayokay: The first word that pops into my head is kids trying to act tough over the Internet.
Emofire: The thing that pops into my head is a lot of suicides; I've heard many stories on the news of suicides because of that, it's horrifying.
Dahcutie: Harm. I chose that word because if you cyberbully it causes emotional harm or distress to the "victim". Generally that's what cyberbullies do to their innocent "victims".
Emmacita: Well the first thing that pops up in my mind would have to be someone staring on the computer with a shocked look.

mariaaa18: What are your thoughts on cyberbullying, and how do you think it should be handled?

Imtayokay: My thoughts on cyberbullying are different. The first point of view is for kids that are bullying kids that they know. If they know the kid, then it is very sad that this person will not just talk out the issue with the person. If the two kids do NOT know each other, then it is sad that they are even arguing because the only reason they would be arguing is because of something that happened on a website and that is not worth it. And in that case, they should just drop it.
Emofire: Cyberbullying is terrible. Most people say they don't but they do, and it's just . . . ignorant and immature. I don't think there is a way for this to be handled.
Emmacita: There's really no reason to cyberbully someone, they're just being immature. There will always be cyberbullying and I don't have a perfect way to handle it, but if it gets to the point the cyberbully shares personal things about them without their permission, there should be a police, teacher, etc involved.
Dahcutie: I think it's a big issue. I think that some people don't think it's as large of an issue than it actually is. Sometimes the "cyberbully" in the situation may not even realize they are causing harm. It's easy to type something up on the computer and hit send, but in reality would the "cyberbully" actually have the courage to say these things in real life? I think a good way to handle is to call awareness to cyberbullying.

mariaaa18: Have you ever been cyberbullied, or have you ever cyberbullied?

Imtayokay: No, I have never been cyberbullied. I have never cyberbullied.
Emofire: I have been cyberbullied. Sometimes, it's one of those things I can't handle, so I break down crying. I'm also bullied a ton in real life, and it just puts so much weight on my shoulders.
Emmacita: Kind of but not exactly.
Dahcutie: No, fortunately I have not been cyberbullied, but I know it's out there.

mariaaa18: Have you ever stood up for someone being cyberbullied?

Emofire: I stand up for a lot of people. Like someone may call someone a newb, and be seriously ugly to them, so I'll just go up and say ,"You were a newb once, stop being so rude." But they keep going like they are the queen or king, I hate it.
Emmacita: As I said, there is no reason to cyberbully someone, if there is, I'm sure there's a better way to say it.
Dahcutie: I have not witnessed any cyber bullying, but I'm aware that it's out there and If I do see it I will try and help the "victim".

mariaaa18: What are your final thoughts on cyber bullying, and what have you learned from it?

Imtayokay: My final thoughts are that cyberbullying is sometimes worse that real-life bullying because the bully has a computer screen to hide behind so they say whatever they want without being scared. I have learned from movies and books about cyberbullying. I learned that the best way to handle it is go to the source of the problem (bully) and stand up for yourself. If the case is more severe, it is better to go to a trusted adult and/or the teacher.
Emofire: It's one of those things that needs to stop, but there is no possible way to stop it, unless you can report for cyberbullying which you can't. Like I said before, I learned how to act around some people, I try to be the nice, mature, polite person. Because, some people on Whyville, ARE NOT who you think they would be.
Dahcutie: I have learned that cyberbullying is just as strong as bullying someone in real life. It's easier to hide behind your computer screen, and be rude to someone as opposed to saying it to someone's face. All in all I just hope that a bit more attention will be called to cyber bullying, so we can help prevent it!

Cyberbullying should be taken seriously, in my opinion. You might not seem like your hurting their feelings, but you really are. Cyberbullying is endless, it won't be stopped unless someone does something about it.


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