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Everyone sees me here, they all look at my body, my presence. A physical form that sits on the barstool at our friend's house during a party. Familiar faces float around me, laughing and talking, some diving into the pool. I join in, laughing and smiling right along. The social aspect of parties is a great thing, but it isn't so great when one's just simply talking to a bag of bones.

I'm not actually there, I'm not aware of what they're doing. I'm too busy up in the clouds, way past our tiny planet's atmosphere. Heck, I'm not even in the galaxy anymore. I'm much, much farther away than that. I see clusters of stars, glowing nebulas and other solar systems. Our sun soon morphs into the millions of other stars surrounding it and soon I cannot distinguish between home and the foreign cosmos.

I'm in those other galaxies, the undiscovered ones, the ones uninvaded by man. Adventure around every corner, stress taking a very noticeable absence. I'm running with the shooting stars, leaping from planet to planet. Up here, in the vastness and solitude of space, I have nothing to lose. I can let it all go, watch it float away towards Earth, back towards my body, the puppet.

I send it all away from my soul.

So while those familiar strangers may see the physical abuse my body must take, the wear and tear, the sadness and disappointment, the lowest of lows, I truly do hope that they all find comfort in the fact that I've found my place. The one place where there is no good and bad, happy or sad, or black and white. All there is here is me, in my truest form.

My spirit is free, I've been set loose in the stardust. And for once, I've found inner peace.


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