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When I think of someone who puts their friends first and will be there for you whenever you need them, I think of my friend Jess, or as many of you know her as, MentalCow.

Jess has been on Whyville for five years, this account being her most recent and active. Jess is sixteen-years-old and lives in Florida, but she isn't your typical beach bum. In fact, Jess would much rather be in the dirt playing softball than in the sand. Softball has been a huge part of Jess's childhood, and in the eight years she has been playing, she has formed a great love for the sport.

Another thing - or should I say things - that Jess loves are animals. Right now, she has several pets, one of them being a 160 pound bull mastiff named Charlie who is two-years-old. She is also the proud owner of eight tarantulas.

"There's Blondie (she's a Goliath Bird Eater and she's about the size of a dinner plate), Rosie (Rose Haired), Pinkie (Pink Salmon), and then Toeie (Pink Toed Tarantula)," said Jess. "I also have a Mexican Curly Haired, a Green Bottle Blue, a Choco Striped, and a female Rosie Haired which we'll be mating with the male to get spiderlings( baby spiders!)"

Jess is also a huge lover of reptiles, and she is fascinated by the fact new reptiles are being created daily through science. She collects different breeds of reptiles, and finds it addicting and exciting.

Career wise, Jess is interested in a wide variety of jobs, ranging from being a traveling nurse to a psychologist. She is also interested in anthropology, the study of humankind, and sociology, the study of human society.

Another big part of Jess's life is music. Her favorite genre is alternative rock, and she enjoys songs by a wide variety of bands. Her favorite band is Brand New, and her life motto comes from the chorus of the song "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

"My favorite song differs all the time, but right now it's 'Heart Songs' by Weezer," said Jess.

A few random tidbits about Jess is that she is a huge fan of seafood, she believes strongly that education is important, and her favorite word is "Hola!" She also has a loving relationship with her mom, and considers her to be the most influential person in my life.

"[The most inspirational person in my life] hands down is my mom," said Jess. "She's taught me a lot about life and has put a good head on my shoulders. She makes me verrrry angry sometimes but I don't know where I'd be without her."

Jess also believes that everybody should be respected despite their age, gender or race as long as they are respectful. She believes that everyone should treat each other the way they would want to be treated in return, and I can say from my past friendship with Jess, she is an incredibly kind person who is well worthy of niceness in return.

Jess has been a great friend to me, and there is no one else I'd rather have written this about than her! I think that spotlighted Whyvillians should be citizens who are friendly and have great personalities, and I feel Jess fills this criteria perfectly. She rocks!


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