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Improvement, IMPROVEMENT!

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Improvement, IMPROVEMENT!

by Etrnl *
Guest Writer

I have heard , and seen, quite a lot of people complaining about the things that could be done to improve Whyville. I've taken a look at your suggestions, and now, I'm putting them together for this article.

The main thing that I have heard is PETS. Everyone I've seen on the BBS has something or other about wanting pets. I think it would be cool if we could have virtual pets on here that we could care for.

Another thing I see a lot is NEW FACE PARTS. People say that there are so few face parts that everyone is starting to look alike, and I agree. I had to buy a pair of pearl earrings to keep myself from looking like someone else. I thought it would be neat to MAKE OUR OWN face parts, furniture, and/or projectile.

I've heard about BEDS and GARDENS, too. People want beds in their houses, and gardens outside, like bushes and shrubs. People also, for their clubs, want TREE HOUSES in their yards.

I've also heard about wanting MUSIC to download and listen to in parts of the neighborhood.

Whyville citizens also want MORE WAYS TO GET CLAMS. One suggestion was to OPEN OUR OWN STORES and when people buy things, we get the clams. Another was MORE GAMES.

When the Whyville Sportplatz opened up, people started to want a BASKETBALL COURT. They wanted basketball projectiles, too.

The people also want to know when people are on and where they are by some sort of PEOPLE MAP. I think it would be cool, too. Why search for someone when they aren't on???

Last but not least, Whyvillians want NEW PLACES. In one post in the BBS's suggestion box, someone reported Whyville as "same-old-same-old" (well, actually, that was me, hehe). We need new housing land, maybe land for new games, stores, malls, and a place for the basketball court.

I hope I mentioned just about everyone's suggestions, and I hope that City Hall can make some of these improvments soon.

This is Etrnl * signing of: See Ya'!!!!

Note from City Hall: Thanks, Etrnl * for summing up the people's wishes and desires! Since you submitted this article, we have now added partnering with Akbar, so now there is not only a constant supply of new face parts, but you can make clams that way. I'll put the rest of these requests in the queue!


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